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09 Aug 13. Research and Markets announced the addition of the “Global Military Shelter Market 2013-2020: Trends, Forecasts and Competitive Analysis” report to their offering. The global military shelter market will achieve growth more in the composite shelters than in the conventional shelters. Vehicle mounted shelter and expandable shelters are the two others segments that will witness commendable growth. The North American region has been the largest consumer of military shelters, followed closely by Europe. This study provides a concise overview of the global military shelter market in terms of value and projected annual growth. The author discusses the various challenges and opportunities faced by the global military shelter market. The military shelter market has to undergo rigorous testing and stringent certification rules and processes and this is proving to be one of the biggest challenges faced by the military shelter manufacturers. The buyers of such military shelters usually demand customized shelters, so highly technical design constraints are challenges for the industry; however, innovative new designs and technologically advanced engineering applications are making their way into the market, driving it towards growth trajectory. This study encompasses the major drivers. As have been mentioned earlier, innovative and technically sound engineering designs are becoming major drivers for this market. Also, many ROW and APAC countries are increasing their defense budget which in turn is driving the industry. India and China are two countries in this region with a significant increase in defense budget. This report highlights different aspects of military shelter market in the world. Due diligence has been given to the current global market scenario. The global military shelter market is expected to have steady growth in near future. The top players need to formulate effective marketing strategies to take advantage of the opportunities, resulting in improved revenue and profitability. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

12 Aug 13. Research and Markets announced the addition of the “The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Market 2013-2023” report to their offering. This report is the result of extensive market and company research covering the global CBRN defense industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of the leading companies in the industry, and key news. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

12 Aug 13. Research and Markets announced the addition of the “The Global Missiles and Missile Defense Systems Market 2013-2023” report to their offering. ‘The Global Missiles and Missile Defense Systems Market 2013-2023’ offers the reader detailed analysis of the global missiles and missile defense systems market over the next ten years, alongside potential market opportunities to enter the industry, using detailed market size forecasts. The report provides detailed analysis of the market for missiles and missile defense systems during 2013-2023, including the factors that influence why countries are investing or cutting defense expenditure. It provides detailed expectations of growth rates and projected total expenditure. A significant number of countries are investing in the development of their domestic missile industries by establishing strategic alliances and technology transfer agreements with global missile manufacturers. In addition to improving the indigenous capabilities of a domestic defense firm, this provides the foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with an opportunity to cater to a new market. Furthermore, European countries still suffering from the effects of a recession, including France, Germany, Italy and the UK, are

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