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12 Jul 13. Heroes of the Hook, The true story of the Korean War, Published July 2013. The Dead, The Dying and the Damned, The 3 million+ copy bestselling Korean War novel originally published in 1956, reissued July 2013, Both by John Hollands MC. The 60th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War is July 27th. Two books, the real story and the bestselling novel, that bring alive the historical importance, the horrible brutality and the true experience of the Korean War – also known as the ‘Forgotten War.’ It is estimated that 4 million people died in the Korean War, a war that was more vicious and brutal than Vietnam and became the blueprint of every major war since. Yet, the Korean War is tragically overlooked today. John Hollands Fictional account of his experiences in the war, The Dead, The Dying and The Damned, sold over 3 million copies upon publication in 1956 and was compared to All Quiet on the Western Front and The Naked and the Dead. “Let us hope, that for the sake of those charged with the not inconsiderable task of reading it, this young man’s talent comes somewhere near to equalizing his industry” Sir Winston Churchill upon seeing Hollands’ enormous scruffy-looking typed manuscript as he delivered it to their mutual publisher, Cassell. John Hollands MC volunteered for the Korean War at the age of 19 in 1951 with the aim of sparking his career as a novelist. Since he was looking for trouble, he found it in a vicious war that has been the focus of his life ever since. Having survived the war, just, he was determined to write a novel recording for posterity the horrific experiences of National Servicemen in Korea. That novel The Dead, The Dying and the Damned became an immediate sensation. Heroes of the Hook is the true story that is even more remarkable than the fiction. John Hollands lives in Devon (near Exeter), is available for interview and believes passionately that the Korean War must not be forgotten. Both books published 26th July 2013 by Quill Publications.
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