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08 May 13. Land Rover 65 Years of the 4 x 4 Workhorse – Revised and Updated Edition, By James Taylor. ISBN: 9781847974594. PUBLISHED:
29/04/2013. PAGES: 304. BINDING: Hardback. SIZE: 280×215 mm. INSIDE: 476 colour photographs.
The Land Rover has become an icon across the world, famed for its classic design, its practicality and its longevity. In this revised edition of his acclaimed book, first issued as Land Rover – 60 Years of the 4 x 4 Workhorse, James Taylor charts sixty-five years of Land Rover development in comprehensive detail, bringing the story right up to date with the latest Defender variants.
Contents include: Prototypes and development vehicles; Standard production models; The special editions; Land Rovers built outside the UK; Special conversions; Military variants; The Land Rovers that never were. RRP: £29.95
For any Company dealing with military or civil Land Rovers for conversion, upgrade or support, this book provides a comprehensive history of the Land Rover from inception to the present day and is an invaluable research tool. It profiles the key players in the development of the iconic Land Rover in particular the Wilks Brothers and Tom Barton, Mr Land Rover, who always answered the telephone, “Barton ‘ere,” whenever the Editor rang him to discuss the various SMC Engineering developments.

08 May 13. Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: U.S DoD Commercial Off-the-Shelf Aircraft Market. As the DoD’s discretionary spending continues to decrease in favor of mandatory government programs, utilization of COTS aircraft has become more popular due to perceived cost savings over developing entirely new aircraft systems. COTS aircraft have also been favored for quick reaction capability (QRC) systems because they allow flexibility and speed in meeting the changing warfighting requirements of commanders in the field. However, the DoD has historically submitted poorly defined requirements for COTS systems which severely limits potential cost savings. This research service analyzes DoD COTS aircraft market drivers, restraints, and trends through 2017 then makes educated predictions beyond the forecast period. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)
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