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20 Mar 13. Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Man-Portable Military Electronics Market 2013-2023. With a very mature collection of technologies proven in combat by the US, the military man-portable electronics market shows potential for strong growth as other countries seek to modernise their soldiers’ equipment. Although the very high end of the market is expected to suffer from budget cuts in the US and Europe as well as the ISAF withdrawal from Afghanistan, simpler devices such as soldier radios, night vision goggles, laser designator and rangefinders, are likely to thrive in markets currently lacking such capabilities. Currently, the man-portable military electronics market is valued by Visiongain at $2.77bn indicating the considerable business opportunities available.With the drawdown of US and European involvement in Afghanistan on the horizon, tensions in South East Asia on the rise and financial uncertainty in Europe refusing to abate, today’s security environment is extremely complex. Visiongain’s report is an in-depth examination of what these trends mean for a market for solder technology which has seen swift growth in previous years. Visiongain’s research has produced a detailed ten-year forecast for the 20 largest national markets in man-portable military electronics, 6 technology submarkets as well as a breakdown of the products and services offered by the top 15 companies active in the market. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)

27 Mar 13. Frazer-Nash, working with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, has successfully delivered the European Military Airworthiness Certification Criteria (EMACC) handbook as part of its contract with the European Defence Agency (EDA). The EMACC handbook includes fully harmonised airworthiness certification criteria and cross references existing military and civil standards used by Member states. It is a guidebook for use to help define the certification basis for military airworthiness approval in order to achieve type certification. The EMACC handbook supports the Military Airworthiness Authorities (MAWA) forum and its related task forces aim of developing European Military Airworthiness Requirements and harmonised supporting documents. These documents will help create a military regulatory regime that will facilitate the acceptance of aircraft, designed and manufactured in one state, as being deemed airworthy by another state. This will reduce duplication across countries, cut initial aircraft procurement costs and, potentially, through life costs as well. Frazer-Nash looked at all aspects of airworthiness certification, including flight dynamics, avionics and propulsion. The approach taken also ensured that the harmonised certification criteria allowed national certifying authorities within Europe the latitude to interpret the most appropriate approach to achieve compliance. This follows Frazer-Nash’s successful feasibility study conducted in 2010 which proved the viability of the harmonisation approach, produced harmonised certification criteria relating to structural integrity and provided the framework for the EMACC handbook.

26 Mar 13. Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: The Global Armored and Counter IED Vehicles Market 2012-2022. This report is the result of SDI’s extensive market and company research covering the global armored and counter IED vehicles industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of the leading companies in the industry, and key news. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)
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