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Aug 12. JACKAL/COYOTE, Tankograd Publishing, Carl Schulze. An excellent history of the HMT vehicle from conception to its current form as Jackal 2, the 6×6 EXTENDA and the 6×6 Coyote. The Editor was privileged to become involved in the HMT Programme right from its earliest conception by Angus Hamilton and the team from SUPACAT. The Editor drove the prototype HMT at Supacat’s test track and Dunkenswell where the vehicle, then powered by an air cooled Deutz engine, performed with great agility, apart from the Editor breaking a wing mirror! The vehicle suffered from early teething problems with the HMT 600 chosen for Soothsayer, never looking right, the XM777 gun tractor had CofG problems and the LIMAWS(R)vehicle, although a great concept, never got off the block due to weight problems and the Menacity vehicles suffered from lack of development. The 2004 purchase of HMT propelled the concept into the USA and the backing of Lockheed proved crucial in future developments. Once the MoD saw how the vehicle could perform cross-country in rough terrains such as Afghanistan with a heavy weapons load and a crew of 5, then it was ideal for the mission required as it could skirt roadways and thus IEDs. Thus Jackal 2 was brought into service followed by the Coyote TSV. Many other countries including Australia, the USA and Denmark have bought the vehicle.

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