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30 Jun 06. Strategic Nuclear Deterrent: Defence Committee Report
The Defence Committee published (30 Jun 06) a Report on The Future of the UK’s Strategic Nuclear Deterrent: the Strategic Context. The Report “seeks to encourage and inform the public debate by examining the strategic context and timetable for decision making”.
Comment: The Report is a comprehensive analysis of the arguments for and against replacing the Trident systems. The Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary have confirmed that a White Paper about the retention of the nuclear deterrent is to be published by the end of 2006. Whatever the White Paper or future Defence Committee Reports may say, the UK will continue to retain a nuclear deterrent (at any cost). The Report is available from TSO and from The Parliamentary Bookshop (Tel: 020-7219 3890), as HC 986, for £22:00. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0626, 10 Jul 06)

02 Jul 06. ‘War Against Terrorism’: Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) Report
The FAC published (2 Jul 06) its seventh Report on Foreign Policy Aspects of the War against Terrorism. One of the Committee’s main conclusions is that the threat from international terrorism “has not diminished and may well have increased” and that the situation in Iraq has provided “a powerful source of propaganda” for extremists and a “crucial training ground” for terrorists. The Committee also expresses concern about the “blurring” of the UK’s counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics objectives in Afghanistan.
Comment: In future the FAC is seeking an alternative title to this Inquiry in order to reflect better the complex issues raised by efforts to thwart global terrorism. The Report is available from TSO and from
The Parliamentary Bookshop (Tel: 020-7219 3890), as HC 573, for £26:00. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0626, 10 Jul 06)

07 Jul 06. Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS): Government Response. The Defence Committee published a Report on the DIS on 10 May 06, as HC 824. The Government’s Response to the Report was received by the Committee on 7 Jul 06 and published on 14 Jul 06. Comment: Anyone with an interest in the DIS, which was published on 15 Dec 05, will need this additional document which brings matters up to date. The Response is available from TSO and from The Parliamentary Bookshop (Tel: 020-7219 3890), as HC 1488, for £8:00. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0627, 17 Jul 06)

By Julian Nettlefold, Family Practice Press

15 Jul 06. Our readers in the U.K. in particular will have noticed the heightened media coverage given to the opening up of the secret British Family Court system in recent weeks. This was spurred in particular by Sarah Harman, Harriet Harman M.P.’s lawyer sister, who was suspended for three months for describing what she considered to be a Miscarriage of Justice in the Family Courts.

Last week saw the provisional launch of my Book TRIAL BY DECEIT that describes the disgraceful manner by which my family was treated by the Courts and lawyers alike over a 16 year period, ignoring any possibility that my son was being abused or that the lawyer, Hodders, we had employed, had failed in their task to protect him, in spite of advertising an expertise in childcare.

The book not only describes lamentable gender biased practices within the Family Court system it also describes a complete lack of understanding of developments in medical technology and procedures available to prevent child abuse and indeed Domestic Violence by both parties.

At present the Family Courts rely on Expert Witnesses who tailor their ‘Expertise’ to suit the case not to solve the problem or indeed protect children. Current thinking within the GMC and NHS is looking for these Experts to be challenged and pilloried in the event of bad evidence. Indeed news today that the GMC is to lose its ability to protect rogue doctors is a huge step.

I have used my knowledge of defence electronics technology, radar

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