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02 Feb 06. Sources close to BATTLESPACE suggest that Iraq is littered with batteries discarded by the Coalition Armed Forces after they have reached the end of their life. “It appears that forces have so much to carry that they discard any spent batteries rather than keep them for re-charging.” We have discussed the problems of power management many times and it appears that with some systems the demands is now critical. It appears that digital radios use power faster than their analogue predecessors, requiring more battery power and supply. One source stated that the mortar platoons in particular require urgent supplies after six hours requiring trios back to base a process that gives their position away.

Help may be at hand, A U.K. Company, quoted on the AIM Market, Voller Energy is developing new fuel cell systems for military and civil use. Speedy Hire, the UK’s largest supplier of cordless power tools in the hire sector is the launch customer for the VE-100 system, and Voller has recently negotiated a partnership with a major international supplier of marine equipment.

The company was founded in 2002 by Stephen Voller and Mike Clarke to produce battery chargers and mobile generators based on patented fuel cell technology. Uniquely, the products generate electricity without creating any toxic emissions; in fact the only output from the current system is pure water. The company’s products are aimed at recharging the batteries used in cordless tools in the construction industry, generating power for the leisure industry and for use in the military.

In February 2005 the company listed on the London Stock Exchange and can be found with the symbol VLR. The company has received two DTi Smart Awards from the UK Government and was named by Real Business magazine as one of the Top 50 companies to watch in 2005. Voller Energy is now a NATO registered firm NCAGE and is also a registered supplier to the US Defense Procurement Agency (DPA).
Since the float we have significantly scaled up our operation.

Voller’s Key Objectives are to develop fuel cell technology and add to the product portfolio. In 2006 the company plans to establish the VE1000 family – 600w and 1000w models. We are currently developing a fuel processor to incorporate in our future systems. This technology will allow fuels other than hydrogen to be used; fuels such as LPG (propane), butane, BBQ gas, diesel and military JP8 (aviation fuel).

The company plans to use the technology it has developed to keep rechargeable batteries used in portable electronic equipment such as laptop computers, power tools, cameras and mobile phones on constant charge. Voller Energy also plans to introduce special products for battery charging in boats, caravans, recreational vehicles (RV’s) and yachts. Furthermore, the company is working on a range of portable generators (Gen-sets) that can be used for electrical power, and heating and hot-water (CHP) for temporary buildings and for back-up power.

Voller Energy is making fuel cell technology a commercial reality. We have a proven technology and it is actually manufacturing and distributing the world’s first portable hydrogen fuel cell system. Voller Energy is the first example in this industry of market-driven thinking and that is what sets us apart from “old style” fuel cell companies. Most of these fuel cell companies are not market-driven but technology-driven. This is why fuel cells have not reached a commercial reality – until now. For most other fuel cell companies the technology, which was developed in 1839, has still to progress much beyond the laboratory and pilot projects. This currently makes Voller Energy unique in the industry.


The VE100 – the original Voller Product:

The VE100 is a quiet portable generator that produces AC mains electricity (either US standard 110v 60Hz or EU standard 230v 50Hz) but can also simultaneously run 12v DC electrical appliances that are designed to fit into

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