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03 May 14. Paul Wright, International Business Development Lead for BAE Systems’ Soldier Systems, gave journalist a pre-Eurosatory briefing regarding developments in the Company’s development of advance soldier systems. LOSA is the Land Open Systems Architecture and GSA the Generic Soldier Architecture. The former is the overarching UK programme, whilst the latter is one of three elements which make it up, the others are Generic Base Architecture and Generic Vehicle Architecture.

The idea is to have a common set of hardware and software standards to increase compatibility and reduce support and upgrade costs. So at its simplest, for example, the Army currently has dozens of different kinds of generator. The aim under GBA is to standardise on fewer and introduce a base-wide power management system to allow you to switch some off when not needed.

LOSA Adherence

BAE Systems has worked extensively with the UK MoD on all 3 levels within LOSA and we remain committed to supporting and helping in the implementation of LOSA through the DE&S/MoD, NATO and into friendly nations enabling greater integration in multinational operations. BAE Systems Electronic Systems operation in Rochester, U.K. has paid particular attention to Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) through our see through display technology and our Soldier Power and Data activities involving other high performing British and Commonwealth technology partners. The integration of non-wired soldier technology remains a key project in the development of GSA and its adoption across the UK MoD and NATO

“Our work with DE&S has encompassed technical studies and demonstrators involving new battery technologies from ABSL and advanced textiles from Intelligent Textiles within a body armour and other load carriage systems. In order to produce a deliverable product we need to filter the possible to leave behind only those features which produce a recognizable advantage to the deployed soldier. Each customer nation has their own requirement based on operational experience, deployed environment and priorities. Within the customer nation different soldier groups will have unique requirements.” Paul Wright said.

Our customer’s needs are best addressed with a modular and scalable solution which allows varying levels of integration

• Common spine
• Scalable
• Modular
• Integrates generic components
• Task/Role specific components
• Design for growth
• Remaining loyal to customer specified architectures.” He continued
• At Eurosatory BAE Systems will formally launch our non-wired integrated soldier system
• Our product will be the first modular, scalable non-wired integrated soldier system
• The product will be different from anything else on the market and will address all dismounted roles in all terrains

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