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06 Oct 06. At AUSA, DRS will showcase the multifaceted ways its products and services benefit ground soldiers to coincide with the exposition’s theme. Highlights will include:
* Three Fully-Integrated Vehicles in the Booth: The Tactical Humvee, Turret Trainer, and Excursion will be on display and demonstrate platform integration. Systems of note to be showcased will include the Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE), Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem (IBAS), satellite communications-on-the-move, and the RVS Appliqué 330 rugged computer, a next-generation PC tablet for dismounted FBCB2 operations, satellite communications-on-the-move, and ad hoc wireless communications techniques for battlefield connectivity.
* Two UAVs: Both the Neptune (optimized for at-sea launch and recovery) and the Sentry HP (with enhanced payload capacity) will be on display in the booth.
* Recent U.S. Army Contracts: This month DRS announced orders to produce M2A2 Aiming Circles for the U.S. Army, rugged Appliqué Computer Systems and peripheral equipment for the FBCB2 program, TOW Visual Modules for tracking systems on Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and a Condition Based Maintenance Information system for the U.S. Army’s ground combat vehicle fleet.
* Communications: Satellite communications-on-the-move (COTM), ad hoc wireless networking, next generation SIGINT/COMINT systems, helicopters flight safety systems, as well as test and training systems.
* Sustainment: Unique, modular expeditionary base camp solutions, next generation of military fluid (water and fuel) distribution, storage, and monitoring systems, as well as water purification and packaging capabilities.
* Live COTM Demonstrations: Very limited opportunities that must be booked in advance.

25 Sep 06. Overwatch Systems, the Morristown, NJ, USA, based information management, fusion, visualization, and geospatial intelligence specialists are demonstrating a number of new products at the AUSA Symposium being held in Washington D.C. from 9-11th October 2006 in Booth 2843.
Overwatch Systems will be showing off three new powerful intelligence software applications: the AXIS Pro intelligence analysis tool that is quickly becoming the application of choice for the US Army and beyond; the Viper Visualization Framework which redefines multi-intelligence collaboration on a single screen and the Geospatial Analyst Suite (GAS), which combines the capabilities of Feature Analyst, LIDAR Analyst and Urban Analyst. In addition Overwatch will be demonstrating their complete line of GIS applications including InterSCOPE, RemoteView and ELT 5500.
Doug Redman, Vice President Business Development for Overwatch said, “Combining all sources of intelligence into a single integrated picture is the future of intelligence analysis. The ideal tool allows all known intelligence to be arrayed onto a single picture, and provide the ability to click on elements of interest to drill down to better understand potential threats.
AXIS Pro combines the best features included in other Link-Analysis-Tools on the market, with ease of database integration, web services and visualization collaboration with other Overwatch and commercial applications.
VIPER provides intuitive visual constructs made easy with a collaborative application framework. Operators can manipulate and configure various visualization and analysis windows in a user-friendly environment. This framework simplifies the interface and cooperation between operations.
Using the Geospatial Analyst Suite, analysts and field operators can build and edit their own models or use models built at intelligence and command centers for interactive mission planning, rehearsal, security and rescue and recovery operations. This framework integrates the tools that manage, visualize and analyze geospatial data, intelligence reports, and video feeds. With this suite of new and advanced products, Overwatch continues to lead the industry in true Geospatial Intel

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