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15 Oct 13. Exelis will display a wide variety of its defense solutions at AUSA. The company will also highlight its strategic growth platforms, including critical networks, ISR & analytics and electronic warfare. Some highlighted technologies from the Exelis exhibit at this year’s AUSA event will include:
Networked communication systems, including SideHat, Rifleman and SpearNet radios, as well as Global Network On-The-Move Active Distribution (GNOMAD), an on-the-move satellite communications system that employs a low-profile antenna to provide reliable connectivity for a wide range of vehicles, from standard SUVs to large armored vehicles in the Abrams, Bradley and Stryker families.
Information processing, exploitation and dissemination solutions, such as Jagwire™ which helps deliver geospatial intelligence data within seconds, even to the disadvantaged user in austere environments.
Next generation night vision goggles, such as the AN/PSQ-20 Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle which provide net-centric solutions that can gather, transmit and receive imagery and tactical intelligence between soldiers and commanders, enhancing situational awareness and decision support.
Individual Soldier System—Voice, video and data integrated into a soldier system allowing commanders to view what soldiers are seeing, send instructions like texts, alerts or images all delivered directly to the goggle’s display in a light and sound secure way. This system integrates the Exelis iAware Tactical night vision goggle with the high-data rate SpearNet radio using Jagwire to provide on-demand access to critical geospatial intelligence data, reducing the time from collection to decision.
Advanced Information Solutions & Cyber capabilities which enhance national security by providing information-enabled solutions, modelingand simulation for DOD, intelligence and civil agencies.
C4i Interoperable Communications Solutions—Exelis is a leader in the design and manufacture of voice over Internet Protocol (IP) solutions for mission critical applications and leading edge technology products. We provide defense organizations with the ability to communicate reliably and securely across the seas or the skies, reducing the time needed to respond to a threat or receive a critical message.
Services/Support/Logistics—Exelis provides world class, service, support and logistics to customers around the globe, deliver affordable solutions in base operations, vehicle maintenance, and logistics through procurement vehicles like the Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE). In addition, Exelis is one of the Army’s largest providers of network and communications operations and maintenance services. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

15 Oct 13. Control Solutions LLC announces the availability of a new lightweight gunner’s turret with built-in motorized slewing. The model CS5100 Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret (LMGT) has been developed to provide smooth, responsive control from the gunner’s station to rotate the gun turret in a full 360 degree circle in less than seven seconds even on a 30 degree slope. The CS5100 uses the Control Solutions motor controller that has been successfully used on over 65,000 tactical wheeled vehicles including the MRAP fleet, HMWWV, MTVR and others. The gunner operates the LMGT using the Control Solutions joystick or weapon-mounted controllers.
“The military’s challenge is to lower the weight of the vehicles. This new turret ring meets that challenge” says Dave Stephenson, vice president of business development. “The CS5100 is the ideal solution for integration on military and law enforcement armored tactical vehicles.”
The LMGT is a self-contained motorized unit with integrated slipring that powers the turret slew motor directly from the vehicle power or from an auxiliary battery. The turret supports weapons including a 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 0.50 cal, M240 grenade launcher or remotely-operated weapon station in a standard NATO m

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