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7 JAN 02. The organisers of Army 2002, to be held at Larkhill, UK from July 3-7th, Horsepower International told BATTLESPACE that the event was close to sell out in terms of stand space and sponsorship. The only international ‘live’ firing event of 2002 in the UK, Army 2002 will give exhibitors the arenas to demonstrate their equipment and fire their ordnance on the vast training area of Salisbury Plain.

International and UK Defence representatives will be able to see and test for themselves the latest equipment and ordnance. Viewing platforms and arenas have been sited to give the best view and access to the latest in defence developments.

A 3,000 square metre air-conditioned Exhibition Hall will accommodate space and shell sites, hospitality suites and seminar rooms. The Hall will overlook the Live Drive Arena where exhibitors will be able to demonstrate off and on-road capabilities to a captive audience.

Outdoor space has been provided to allow exhibitors to demonstrate larger equipment and to drive vehicles directly to the Live Drive Training Area where representatives can experience first-hand the capabilities and unique features of each vehicle.

Finally, the Live Firepower Arena will give exhibitors the chance to fire the latest ordnance and for representatives to see the effects. It also provides almost unlimited air space for rotary and fixed wing demonstrations.

Hosted by the British Army on one of the most famous training areas in the World, the event is attracting enormous interest from the UK and overseas. An intensive marketing operation is already underway to ensure that Army 2002 becomes one of the most successful and unique events in the Defence Calendar.

BATTLESPACE will be publishing a special issue for the show in the June issue and Digitization Update will include special features about the show.

Contact the Army 2002: email sales@army2002.com

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