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18 Mar 04. AGM Batteries Ltd (AGM) has announced the launch of its latest addition to the range of Lithium-ion cells, produced specifically for the military market. Developed to meet the specific requirements of key military customers, the K2 cell includes a unique new safety feature previously available only from external electronic protection systems.

Offering users an enhanced level of safety, these features are located within the cap of the cell, providing a level of overcharge and short-circuit protection which no other manufacturer can equal for a cell of the same shape or size. A market first, the ‘K2 cap’ uses the cell voltage, rather than relying on heat or pressure, to activate its safety cut-out.

Tony Jeffery, managing director, AGM Batteries Ltd commented: “AGM is now even better placed to deliver portable power solutions for the military market meeting the most stringent customer specifications. The new K2 cell delivers an unrivalled extra layer of safety for the soldier in the field by locating safety devices within the cell itself.”

AGM Lithium-ion cells combined into intelligent battery packs offer several distinct advantages over other products for high performance military applications. These include:
* One third the size and weight of other battery technologies such as
Nickel Cadmium – allowing users to carry more batteries, equipment and
supplies or drastically reduce overall weight burden
* Rugged enough to withstand harsh environments and operating
conditions in which other batteries will fail
* Effective in extreme temperatures. AGM’s Lithium-ion batteries have
an operating range of -40oC to +70oC. Many other re-chargeable batteries
will not operate efficiently below 0 oC
* Higher in energy. AGM is now producing rechargeable batteries with
energy levels approaching that of primary (throw away) batteries
* Longer Life: AGM’s Lithium-ion technology is rechargeable – up to
1,200 times, giving longer life and lower through life costs
* Fully re-chargeable every time – no memory effect, ensuring the user
always has full energy at the start of every mission

AGM Batteries is a joint venture company of AEA Technology (60%), and
Japanese partners, Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd (22%), and Mitsubishi
Materials Corporation (18%). AGM’s cells are already being deployed in a
range of military applications, most notably in the UK MoD’s new BOWMAN
Battlefield Communications System, for which its sister company, AEA Battery
Systems, holds the exclusive supply contract for batteries and chargers.

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