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09 Sep 03. AEA Battery Systems gave BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold and Deputy Editor, Adam Baddeley, an in-depth briefing into the exciting develops of its new customised high capacity rechargeable cell to provide portable power for a 24-hour-mission-life HF radio

Developed, with an existing military customer, specifically for a 24-hour-mission-life HF (high frequency) radio the cell offers military users a distinct advantage in combat. The maximum previously was only 20 hours.

David Loughborough, AEA’s Managing Director told BATTLESPACE, “To ensure that our customers have the best solution AEA’s aim is to become involved in an early stage in the planning process. We aim to develop technology to meet a growing demand for specialist secondary batteries for specific military applications.”

The new cell, called ‘Chikara’ after the Japanese word for power, demonstrates AEA’s latest step forward in developing new battery technology for the battlefield. Delivering higher capacity, durability and greater reliability for the hostile military environments in which it is deployed, soldiers can now have more confidence than ever before that their equipment won’t let them down.

He continued, “AEA recognises that power supply has become a significant, battle-winning factor in modern warfare and that the rapid development of modern military technology continues to increase the demand placed on battlefield power supplies. AEA can now deliver the necessary portable power supply to ensure that soldiers have the power to win. The new ‘Chikara’ cell provides a 24-hour-mission-life which is a significant improvement over that previously attainable. For the soldier in the field it could mean the difference between success and failure or even life and death. Similarly the potential to extend mission life opens up a wider range of options for commanders in the deployment of resources on the battlefield.”

‘Chikara’ is an exciting new development for AEA Battery Systems and our customers and is a further addition to our range of new products now entering full scale production at our state of the art facilities in northern Scotland.”

The new customised cell has been designed specifically for military man pack radios. It was, like all AEA products, specially developed through close partnership with customers to ensure that solutions are developed to meet their requirements and the needs of modern armed forces.

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