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UK MoD Makes MRV(P) Selection By Julian Nettlefold

15 Jun 16. Unconfirmed reports reached Eurosatory today that the UK MoD had made its selection for the Multi-Role Vehicle (Protected) Programme (MRV(P).

The MRV(P) Requirement is broken down into three Requirements:

Category 1

oshjltvIs the 4×4 variants which will be fulfilled by an FMS funded contract with Oshkosh for a first batch of approximately 750 JLTV base vehicles believed to be worth approx. $1.88bn or $250,000 per vehicle ex-works. The vehicles will be shipped to the UK in base form to a facility, yet to be chosen by Oshkosh, where they will be equipped with added electronic ECCM systems, Jammers and EW equipment along with any required upgrades to make them UK Roadworthy. It is believed they will be left hand drive. Millbrook is the likely choice for Trials of the vehicle.

The first order for JLTV was announced on 23 March 2016 with the U.S. Army ordering 657 JLTVs, along with kits and support. The $243m order includes vehicles for the Army and Marines. According to Oshkosh, “The vehicles, trailers, and installed kits for this order will be delivered by first quarter FY2018.”[55] Overall JLTV requirements remain at 5,500 for the US Marines and 49,099 for the Army. In April 2016 it was disclosed that JLTV’s Initial Operating Capability (IOC) for both services would be delayed as a result of earlier protests and associated issues. Initial USMC operating capability will be delayed by about one year to the first quarter of fiscal 2020, with 69 JLTVs for a Marine infantry battalion, with procurement by the Marines complete by FY 2022. The Army anticipates a six-month delay, reaching IOC in mid-2019. Army procurement will last until approximately 2040. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Cat 1 vehicles will be procured in 3 variants, Logistics, Command and Control and Liaison.

Category 2

Is the Requirement for the Ambulance and Personnel Carrier vehicles 12 contenders bid for the Programme and a down-select of five companies was made on June 9th which included BAE Systems with the Penman/Creation 6×6 vehicle, Thales with Bushmaster, Rheinmettal with the Survivor ‘R’ vehicle which has a chassis common to the MAN Support Vehicle and General Dynamics European Land Systems with the Eagle 5 6×6 vehicle. The fifth choice is believed to be either KMW with the Dingo or Mercedes with the Unimog. Other contenders included Renault with a team which included Morgan Specialist materials and Ricardo, Otokar and Nexter.

It is understood that the number of vehicles in this category is around 80.

Category 3

Is the Recovery Variant which is believed to have been shelved and may be met by a one off-the-shelf vehicle. EKA was a contender for this Requirement.


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