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TrellisWare Selected for UK MoD DSA Radio Requirement




18 Jul 19. TrellisWare Selected for UK MoD DSA Radio Requirement. At the Three Counties Defence & Security Expo BATTLESPACE received a briefing regarding the British Army Dismounted Situational Awareness (DSA) programme.  The Army has recently briefed some key requirements are for a radio that can operate in a 1.2MHz frequency channel around the 1430MHz area of the RF spectrum whilst providing voice, positional location information and messaging between a networked group of 120 soldiers.

Recently, the Army has been conducting experimentation under the RAVEN/DSA experiment, prior to the formal commencement of the DSA programme.  During this experiment, TrellisWare technology was selected as a representative RF bearer system to attempt to demonstrate the viability of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) technology for DSA.  A number of other MAENT radio technologies are available from other vendors.

DSA is part of the wider LeTACCIS programme and sits under the MORPHEUS sub programme. Its primary aim is to provide tactical voice, position information and data to modern soldiers, improving Situational Awareness and Operating capability.

TrellisWare’s low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) radios support on-the-move communications without having to manually change out RF bands and modules, or antennas.  Barrage Relay networking enables continuous and flexible frequency coverage, and TSM radios effortlessly provide transparent IP networking adaptable to any harsh RF environment or when mission-critical parameters change. TrellisWare builds strong, durable radios from the inside out. Not only do they house the most robust performing waveform, but they are product validated to comply with current U.S. Military Standards (MIL-STD-810G). From the design stages to the field, TrellisWare’s tactical radios focus on job-enabling connectivity,

TrellisWare Technologies is a privately held company based in San Diego, California. We are dedicated to improving and changing the design and performance of communications and signal processing systems. As a worldwide leader in highly advanced algorithms, waveforms, and communications systems, we provide innovative small form factor radio products, and fully integrated solutions. TrellisWare is delivering the next generation of communications to military and commercial markets — today. TrellisWare Technologies was founded by four innovators in the areas of signal processing and advanced communications. The co-founders spun-off the company from ViaSat in the year 2000 to pursue terrestrial applications of technology that combined foundations in signal processing innovation with the ability to productize these ideas for the real-world in the commercial sector. TrellisWare continues to work with academia, industry, government, and commercial research labs to solve the most difficult problems by putting theory into practice. TrellisWare’s technological history includes signal processing, commercial IP licensing, product prototyping, free space optics, networking waveforms, high frequency radio, interference mitigation, special processing, and more. The results lead to worldwide deployments of TrellisWare’s technology to solve communications challenges When Nothing Else Works™.

Viasat has a considerable shareholding in TrellisWare Technologies.

The technology developed by TrellisWare has a unique edge, since it is based on the co-founders patented Per-Survivor-Processing (PSP), F-LDPC Forward Error Correction (FEC), and Adaptive Iterative Detection (AID) techniques. The waveforms, signal processing in the physical layer, and the products provide higher throughputs and reliability in harsh environments across all spectrums of communications.

The core technology behind the TSM™ waveform is TrellisWare® Barrage Relay™ networking technology, which is built with the robust signal processing techniques of collaborative combining to outperform traditional MANETs. Barrage Relay is a trusted TRL-9 technology deployed with U.S. Special Operations Forces, and the TSM-X™ waveform is the primary MANET for the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) next generation handheld and manpack radios.

Although not awarded to Viasat directly, the fact that Viasat has a considerable shareholding in TrellisWare Technologies, demonstrates not only Viasat’s considerable breadth of technologies it has available to offer, it can offer TrellisWare access to its UK operations for support of the radios. Viasat is already actively offering the UK MoD its technology for such projects as Skynet 6, where its breadth and coverage of its constellation and cost of ownership gives the MoD a considerable asset for operating its satcoms solutions across the globe in the next century through leasing capability rather than outright purchase which allows the MoD to have access to the latest technology available. In addition, the ability to lease bandwidth rather than buy a fleet of satellites also gives the MoD the flexibility to expand its footprint in a new theatre of war at less cost, with the ability to switch frequencies should the enemy jam the exiting band.

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