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tpgroup designs, develops and delivers advanced technologies, providing world-class services and support to mission-critical programmes across the Defence, Space and Energy market sectors. We are a technology services business, working to make the world a safer place, employing more than 400 highly skilled individuals across six European countries.

Our people deliver mission, business and safety-critical services and bespoke engineering solutions, working in partnership with national government bodies, international institutions and global prime contractors. We provide domain leading knowledge, skills and expertise, taking full responsibility for the delivery outputs, outcomes and benefits across the lifecycle. 

Our specialist services enable our clients to transform their enterprise, and evolve their systems and services.

Working with tpgroup, our customers can:

* make better decisions faster with our help to manage complex data across multiple high-speed channels

* focus on their core strengths knowing they can trust our safe, reliable and effective systems wherever they are needed

* transform their operations with our guidance, support and technologies.

* look to the future and trust our experience, insight and advice.

Whether you require ad hoc, single day consultancy, or a multiple year, multi-disciplined support package, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have experience and knowledge of all aspects on a diverse range of platforms, equipment, systems and services.

What we do


Feasibility Analysis – we evaluate alternative concept solutions and produce a business case to scope and justify change prior to significant investment,

tpgroup are baselining the fossil fuel requirement for a UK Government department. Investigating the feasibility of solutions to reduce demand and alternative energy sources.

Enterprise Transformation – optimising enterprise resources to create a resilient operating model that can rapidly adapt to changing environments.

tpgroup are defining the business and technology change required to enable a £4Bn UK Army tactical communication programme, adopt an agile acquisition approach.

Programme Delivery and Support – providing project management and systems engineering expertise to deliver programmes and manage operations through life.

tpgroup provide embedded multi-discipline support to the UK MOD’s £multi-billion Skynet programme, including systems engineering, approvals, and cost engineering.

Digital solutions

Applied AI – decision support solutions for complex and dynamic environments (specialising on scarce/high values assets and/or high risk human out of the loop scenarios).

In the oil & gas sector, tpgroup are working with upstream producers to optimise the availability of critical resources and therefore productivity.

Critical Software – the development and assurance of safe, secure and reliable software intensive systems.

tpgroup undertake independent verification and validation of the mission and safety-critical tactical processor software for all variants of the Wildcat helicopter fleet.

Digital Service Delivery – rapid development and deployment of the digital services and their enhancement through continual service improvement.

We deliver a proven digital platform for Programme and Product Management, Eclipse, to the European Space sector using agile principles and methodologies.

Bespoke engineering solutions

Renewable energy systems – developing energy systems for the future. Our hydrogen systems can be used for refuelling, power to gas and energy storage. Our advanced carbon capture solutions efficiently capturing CO? from the atmosphere.

tpgroup is applying its ultra-reliable technologies into the future energy market and leveraging 50+ years of experience of working across many highly regulated industries.

Life support systems – our solution comprises a suite of integrated systems to generate oxygen or clean up and filter atmospheres.

Our technologies help to preserve human life in the most demanding of applications such as submarines. A modular, deployable design will also create breathable medical-grade oxygen in the most inhospitable environments including deep under the sea, on the battlefield or high above the earth.

Rugged electronics – recognising the challenges of communication and operations in increasingly challenging environments, our Westek subsidiary produces a range of rugged IT solutions.

Our technologies deliver reliable performance, operating in extreme environments.

Markets we serve


tpgroup has over 60-years’ track-record working as a trusted partner in the most demanding environments with UK and International defence agencies and prime contractors, working across air, land and sea domains. 


Space is at the heart of our operations. We are one of the few organisations in the global space sector with a track record of contracts that cover the whole Space industry supply chain.

For over 25-years, we have engaged with intergovernmental and national agencies, Tier-1 system integrators, system suppliers, scientific institutes and start-ups.


tpgroup is committed to delivering innovative and resilient solutions to meet our customers’ most pressing challenges – from reducing your carbon footprint to using advancing technologies to optimise equipment performance and safety.

tpgroup’s bespoke engineered electrolyser system solutions are being successfully developed to support a safer and cleaner world from hydrogen generation and storage to life supporting low carbon gas production.

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