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systematicSystematic UK office opened its new office in Farnborough on Wednesday 4th February, the new UK Headquarters will manage software sales to the UK and Europe and North Africa. [MDM1]The office on the Farnborough Aerospace complex was officially opened by the Danish Ambassador Claus Grube.

Welcoming the audience to the new UK Hub CEO Michael Holm said that Systematic was now supplying forty countries and has ten offices across the world with major operating hubs in USA, UK, Denmark, Middle East and Asia. Michael Holm said that one key target for the UK was the MoD’s Morpheus communications systems contract. He also emphasised that exports outside the UK were key, with Ireland being a new customer. The current turnover of the Company is now €43 million.


mholmDenmark, one of Systematic’s largest customers said, “Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) has purchased Systematic SitaWare licenses for the past 5 years – since 2012 as an enterprise license for Danish Defence, and before that other products and projects. During all projects and deliveries in the past, Systematic has proven to be a very trustful partner, who has delivered both products, services and maintenance promptly and with the right skills and quality of work. Therefore Systematic has been selected as a strategic supplier to DALO. We can recommend Systematic to other customers.”

Sandy Wilson, former supremo of GDUK, now Chairman of Systematic UK, emphasised the ability of Systematic to provide Open Architecture solutions which enable seamless transition across tri-service domains and coalition forces and other services such as paramilitary, Fire, Police and medical.

“The ability to be able to procure systems incrementally, rather than via the Big Bang approach as with Bowman not only makes sense, but also makes these procurements easier to manage as it also allows for more cost effective and smarter procurement in the current constrained budget era.” Sandy Wilson said.

Matt Millward, Systematic UK President, recently recruited from BAE Systems said, “We haven’t committed to any partners for Morpheus, we are considering all options. However, using Systematics’ software solutions, the MoD has access to an open architecture system which it can integrate into the 15000 vehicle fleet and manage any upgrades without renegotiating any contracts and with the continued support of Systematic. As part of our service, Systematic provides an Annual Upgrade to the latest iteration of software if the customer has an accompanying Service Contract[MDM4]”

“Systematic also invest a significant amounts of annual revenue on the continued development of its products to ensure our customers are always at the leading edge of technology. Our investment in this area is always done in collaboration with our customers to ensure we meet their on-going operational needs”

Tage Lund, a Senior Sales Support engineer from Systematic then demonstrated Systematics’ software capability

“SitaWare provides all the essential capabilities of Command and Control Information Systems (C2IS) and Battle Management Systems (BMS) right out of the box, including the all-important interoperability capabilities that allow nations to exchange battlespace information with coalition partners. Another product, SitaWare Headquarters is a scalable C4I system that provides full capabilities for the headquarter staff functions whilst SitaWare Frontline is a powerful Battle Management System supporting platoon and company commanders.” Tage Lund said

“SitaWare enables existing radio systems to be upgraded without the requirement for huge bandwidth. Using a cost-plus system you can buy it today and use it tomorrow! The user just requires an encrypted memory stick to download SitaWare into the vehicle mission computer and the system is immediately compatible with the users other systems. If a coalition partner deploys with the SitaWare user, again, he can use the memory stick to upload the compatible software. When the user leaves the vehicle or Command Post, the software information is automatically updated to real time for the next usage.”

Another product is SitaWare Edge, a simple, lightweight and easy to use Android app designed for the dismounted commanders. This enables crucial Blue Force Tracking capabilities to identify and track own and coalition units in near real time for increased force protection. It also enables the user to use the data capability of your existing radios for fast and efficient data sharing with coalition partners through modern interoperability standards.

“We saw Blue Force Tracking capability as crucial for any dismounted software package; ten percent of all battlefield casualties are now estimated to be Blue-on-Blue.” Tage Lund continued.

Other products include SitaWare C2 Server, a powerful interoperability engine that can also be used to develop customised command and control applications, whilst SitaWare Headquarters’ open architecture to extend with new capabilities and/or integrate with other business applications. SitaWare Frontline SDK provides third party developers with the ability to integrate SitaWare Frontline functionality into the tactical environment

“Electronic communication is the lifeblood of virtually every modern organisation – defence forces are no exception. But standard corporate e-mail and instant messaging tools don’t live up to military requirements for sending information between organisations and roles rather than between named individuals.” Tage Lund said. “IRIS Organisational Messaging provides a complete military message handling infrastructure, based on the well-known Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft® Exchange®, augmented with full support for military operating procedures. Military information has to be allocated and delivered on the basis of tasks, ranks and positions rather than people’s names, and security concerns have to be dealt with.”

IRIS Organisational Messaging – Product Highlights:

* Based on familiar Microsoft Windows email interface

* Combines organisational and Personal email in a single interface

* Automatic profiling and routing of messages based on content

* Secure message transfer using security labels and certificates

* Scalable solution, where national MMHS can be established and evolved in increments

This software significantly extends the familiar capabilities of the software so these can be easily used in military environments. It also makes sure key information doesn’t end in the wrong place by mistake or get lost. This is done by configuring IRIS Organisational Messaging to enforce the procedures used in your particular organisation. Messages are passed smoothly through command structures before being released to the appropriate recipients, and incoming messages are sent to the appropriate recipients for action. All message handling is based on roles within a specific organisation.

Certainly as BATTLESPACE has written about for many years, software and bespoke software in particular, has been a huge millstone around the neck of many key MoD and Government projects, so the Systematic Open Architecture approach is a breath of fresh air and certainly a godsend to those IPT’s managing complex software programmes. Bowman was plagued with the Command Systems software which was designed for battalion-level voice with a small amount of data to a tri-service level system majoring on huge amounts of data. The result in initial trials was that, because of the lack of gateways, everyone received the data, which consistently crashed the system. Eventually, at huge cost, Bowman is now running at almost the level predicted when it was first fielded in 1998! Systematic certainly demonstrate that they can provide the solutions to these problems using their open architecture software.

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