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Oxley & SeaKing Partnership Offers Marine Navigation Lighting & Control System



Oxley marine lighting solutions have been proven in-service on warships, fast patrol boats and submarines for many years. Now, through a new partnership with SeaKing, Oxley can offer a full integrated navigation light monitoring and control system.








The Oxley LED Navigation Light range was specifically developed for vessels over 50 metres. The suite contains a full ship set of robust and low maintenance navigation lights, the units have a built-in health check system to enable the bridge team on the vessel to identify if a light is non-operational.










The new integrated system features full duplication of all controllers, operator terminals and monitoring of all signals and controls, providing a truly reliable operation. The system also incorporates a full range of automatic pre-programmed set ups, for example single button ‘darken ship’ operation. The system can be provided with access to easy to use ‘ladder diagram’ programming for ongoing customer development.

The new system offers the following features:

• Worker/standby PLCs using dual LAN operation

• Compact operator terminals, wide choice of HMIs (Human Machine Interface) & high-quality graphics

• Comprehensive fault and alarm monitoring

• Custom configuration and features

• Lloyds type approval and marine approved HW

• Zero downtime upgrades by L

The Oxley and SeaKing Navigation Lighting System is compliant with:

• IEC 60945, EN14744


• Lloyds Regs. Part 6 Ch1 1.2 & 2

• Lloyds Wheel marking EC Type examination Certificates Module B, Module F

• DEF STAN 02-587 Register

Oxley has operated in the naval market for many years and the LED Navigation lights are designed to offer a robust and compact solution.  They are supplied with a mounting base to allow easy replacement of the whole unit if required. The lights have a true calculation long life of 30,000 hours minimum.  The lights are NVG friendly and therefore suitable for use with aircraft flying on night vision goggles. All lights are sealed to IP67 and meet stringent EMC requirements; the DC variants are fully tested to Def Stan 59-411.

The lights provide extensive space and weight saving compared to traditional navigation lights, LED technology has been employed to ensure high reliability, low maintenance and reduced electrical load power requirements resulting in low through-life costs. Oxley can also offer a version of the light fitted with a heater that comes on at low temperatures to prevent ice accumulation on the lens, suitable for use in artic conditions.

Through this partnership, customers are now also able to access a full turnkey installation and commissioning package through an experienced marine electrical installation team. All engineers & project managers are fully qualified, have UK security clearance, able to travel worldwide and are experienced in working in commercial and military shipyards and sailing with ships on sea trials or support where required.

SeaKing Electrical also has a long pedigree in naval lighting, the team has worked with the historic Mersey maritime sector since 2001 to design and install electrical and electronic control systems for all types of commercial and naval vessels. This has included the installation and maintenance of navigation and signalling lights. This new partnership teams Oxley high performance lights with SeaKing’s controls to give a vessel’s crew the confidence required for their safety as well as to meet maritime law.

Navigation lights are an essential safety requirement to avoid collisions under COLREGs (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea). In addition to the running lights, the lights must indicate different vessel status – e.g. at anchor, not under command, minesweeping etc. For enhanced safety SeaKing software allows easy selection of these different light configurations customised to each vessel.

It is of paramount importance for Oxley and SeaKing  that their Navigation Light solutions meet three principles: firstly that all materials used are of the highest quality and reliability; secondly that full redundancy is achieved– every part is duplicated so that no single point of failure exists;  and thirdly that if a component fails monitoring software will alert the ship’s crew so that it can be restored without compromising functionality and safety. The SeaKing control solution features separate Internet Protocol (IP) networks, independent controllers, duplication of all inputs and outputs, multiple power supplies and full monitoring of alarms. As it is an IP based system it allows for very flexible configuration and can be integrated with existing on-board systems. A full range of control panels are available.

SeaKing’s experience and tailor-made approach can pay dividends in refit work where solutions must accommodate existing installations.

“We approach every task by analysing the existing system,” Tadeusz Ambroziak, a project engineer states. He also adds that, “by identifying field components such as power circuits, cables, and control boxes that could be reused we are able to focus more on how to make new system more user friendly to ships staff while reducing costs.”

 Another project engineer, Ryan Kennedy, explains, “We took time to view the existing control panel and to discuss with the crew its uses and operation routines. This allowed us to identify how best to tailor the new control system to suit their needs and maintain an aesthetic that would be in keeping with their bridge design. Our latest software allows quality graphics that means we produce not just reliable but good-looking systems.”

SeaKing prides itself on working with customer to ensure they provide a modern, up to date control system that fits in with the ship’s existing configuration, requirements, and aesthetics and provides a worldwide installation and support package.

The Oxley range of LED Navigation lights are in use on the two new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers operated by the Royal Navy. Oxley provided engineering services for the ships navigation and signaling lights, including sidelights, stern light, anchor light, maneuvering lights and warning signals. The scope of work encompassed 11 different light specifications.

In addition to navigation lighting, Oxley produces a wide range of naval solutions including an explosion proof marine lighting designed specifically for battery or engine compartments, flight deck landing lights, visual landing aids, and compartment lighting from control rooms and propulsion areas to passageways and mess areas.  Oxley also has a range of submarine lighting; this features compartment lighting, area lighting and emergency lighting systems. The lights are designed and manufactured specifically for a submarine environment, offering a long operational life of up to 50,000 hours, advanced shock survival, low profile housing and advanced illumination characteristics which reduce fatigue. The range has been designed to deliver a significant reduction in power requirement – a vital consideration for diesel-electric submarines where power is a finite resource in high demand.

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