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OWNING THE NIGHT – Call For Papers


Owning The Night – 29 -30 November 2016


Today’s soldier is vulnerable to new and complex threats in today’s 24 hour war which is brought live into our living rooms by a 24 hour media often embedded with forces in the front line. In this asymmetric warfare scenario the soldier on the ground not only has to deal with his enemy in bad weather, poor light, and darkness, he also has to liaise with coalition governments, Local and Homeland Security organisations, as well as the media. These requirements require multi-lingual and multi-cultural disciplines which are not always a natural function of the soldier of today. He also has to fight an amorphous enemy whose major tactic is to merge into civil populations in dense urban areas. All of the above require new tactics disciplines and most of all new and advanced equipment to provide the soldier with the tools to fight this 24 hour war in any climate. The ability of an army to conduct operations on a 24/7 basis is a complete game changer for combat operations giving a huge tactical advantage over any enemy force.


Owning The Night 2016 will give Army Commanders, Police and Industry a taste of the future at the Conference and the ability to try the latest night vision devices from weapon sights thru night driving aids to advanced target tracking and identification systems. Through a series of presentations from the MoD and Industry and through discussion groups, live demonstrations and plenary sessions, the purpose is to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas, the development of a new perspective and the challenge of current thinking. Unique networking operations during the all-inclusive lunches and the Symposium dinner will be offered.

Call for Papers

If you wish to present a paper on a topic you feel is relevant to the theme, please submit an abstract of around 200 words by email no later than Friday May 6th. Papers should be planned to take 20 minutes to present followed by 10 minutes for questions.

Displays, Demonstrations and Sponsorship

Systems on display will include Night Vision Goggles, Night and Day Sights, Thermal Imaging Cameras and Displays, Night Driving Systems, Radars and other associated systems.

There is a special facility for demonstrating Target Acquisition with EO/IR systems with targets. A night demonstration will take place during OTN.

Please tell the organisers which equipment you wish to demonstrate.

Range Day

The Range Day organized during the Close Combat Symposium on 19 – 21 July 2016 will be made available for any companies wishing to demonstrate their systems in a live firing format. At Owning The Night, Meggitt Defense Systems will be providing a Simulator which will provide real time simulation of night vision systems. The Meggitt BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators – provides the highest level of virtual realism while maintaining the same form, fit and function of live weapon counterparts. BlueFire® weapons are excellent choices for collective and judgmental training, operating via wireless Bluetooth® technology to communicate with the FATS M100 system, without cords or tethered operations hindering actions.

The Meggitt BlueFire® system will provide day and night shooting Simulations throughout the event. Please contact the organisres to book a slot. All weapons will be zeroed.

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