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New Technology Demonstrated At SHOT SHOW Range Days and During Show By Julian Nettlefold


SHOTSHOWThe proliferation of Range Days during this year’s Shot Show meant that the media were spoilt for choice! The Editor chose the Official Range Day at the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club, followed by the ATAC Range Day at Nellis Airforce Base ending at Battlefield Vegas a new and exciting indoor Range complex in Las Vegas.

Last year’s Shot Show majored on developments in night vision technology, this year’s event showed a proliferation of new rifles and ballistic technology.

Range Day at the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Clubboulder





aimpointAimpoint announce new products at the Shot Show. They used the Range days to demonstrate these products.

The Aimpoint® 3XMag

The Editor shot (with both eyes open!) with the new Aimpoint® 3XMag. The clarity of the new optics was exceptional allowing the user to achieve first shot accuracy at distance, a good addition to the range of  products.

The Aimpoint® 3XMag magnifying module is specially designed for compatibility with Aimpoint sights and for maximum flexibility and better performance in the field.

The Aimpoint® 3XMag magnifying module is a high quality optic that can be used with any Aimpoint sight for extended range target identification and engagement. This high quality accessory gives the shooter the best of both worlds: rapid CQB aiming with an Aimpoint sight, and long range target acquisition in combination with the magnifier.

Aimpoint TwistMount

The Editor was shown the Aimpoint TwistMount which gives better flexibility than other mounts in the range.

The Aimpoint TwistMount allows this transition to occur effortlessly and in just a matter of seconds.

The recommended mount for the 3XMag is the Aimpoint® TwistMount, which allows for quick attachment on any MIL-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail. Check if you need a spacer for co-witnessing with the Aimpoint sight.

The 3XMag can also be attached to aftermarket ‘flip to side’ mounts.

Aimpoint® Micro T-2

The Aimpoint® Micro T-2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. Cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the 2 MOA red dot and physical protection has been added for even more ruggedness.

Lennart Lungfeld CEO of Aimpoint told the Editor, “We listened to feedback coming from hard-core customers desiring an even more hard core Micro sight. With a redesigned and reinforced house body, as well as flip-up covers protecting the lenses, the Aimpoint® Micro T-2 can withstand all types of environmental conditions. At the same time, we decided to improve upon the optical performance of the sight which results in a new lens and an important breakthrough in reflective lens coatings. This makes the Micro T-2 and the 3XMag magnifier a fantastic optical combination.”

Aimpoint also announced the launch of a flip mount which enables the rear sight to be retained on the rail when not in use.

Aimpoint confirmed new US sales of sights to the FBI, USAF and Socom with the Micro T-1 sight fitted as a close combat sight to sniper rifles.



EOTech launches Vudu Precision Rifle Scopes. EOTech showed its new line of precision rifle scopes on the range. The brand new Vudu series which are made in Japan and competitively priced against other makes, such as Nightforce, includes 3 models:

EOTech Vudu 1-6x

The Vudu 1-6x is a First Focal Plane scope. The Vudu 1-6 has a 30mm tube and a 24mm objective lens. It has an illuminated reticle and .5 MOA or .2 MIL adjustments. The model I got to test on range day was interesting because on 6 power it had a red dot as well as a ballistic drop compensator. When the scope was dialed down to 1 power, a very familiar xps3-4 reticle appeared complete with the 65 MOA outer ring. EOTech did not have batteries in their optics so I was not able to assess brightness in regards to being visible in bright sun. The optics were clear and the reticle was crisp. From the literature provided by the representative, the Vudu 1-6x comes with several reticle options. One choice appears to be a BDC reticle and the other a traditional crosshair with MIL hash marks. I would love to test this scope in the near future.

EOTech Vudu 2.5-10x

The EOTech Vudu 2.5-10x is a first focal plane rifle scope. The EOTech Vudu 2.5-10X has a 30mm tube, illuminated reticle and 44mm objective lens. Adjustments are in .25 MOA or .1 MIL. Reticle choices for the Vudu 2.5×10 include a Horus H59 and EOTech’s MD1-MRAD or MD2-MOA. The Vudu 2.5-10 has zero stops.

EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x

The EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x is a first focal plane rifle scope. The EOTech Vudu 3.5-18X has a 34mm tube, illuminated reticle and 50mm objective lens. Adjustments are in .25 MOA or .1 MIL adjustments. Reticle choices for the Vudu 3.5×18 include a Horus H59 and EOTech’s MD1-MRAD or MD2-MOA. The Vudu 3.5-18 has zero stops.


bergeraBergara USA’s showed its Long Range Precision Rifle range.


The Bergara BPR-17 Long Range Precision (LRP) rifles are built to deliver incredible long range MOA Accuracy shot after shot.

Bergara USA, a division of Blackpowder Products, Inc. (BPI Outdoors), announced the new BPR-17 series of Long Range Precision (LRP) rifles in two models: the BPR-17 LRP Elite Rifle, and the BPR-17 LRP Rifle. The BPR-17 LRP Rifles were designed to meet the accuracy and performance levels required by professional shooters and law enforcement operators. The BPR-17 is built with the Bergara PREMIER Series Short action, made from 4140CrMo steel in the USA. The fluted bolt body has a floating bolt head to ensure proper alignment in the receiver. The Bergara 416 stainless steel barrel is finished in a matte black Cerakote.  It also comes standard with a suppressor-ready Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake. The Bergara barrel, known worldwide for extreme accuracy, incorporates a five-step process that is guaranteed to shoot tighter groups than any unmodified factory barrel. Barrel lengths are 20″ in the .308, 22″ in the 6.5 Creedmoor and 24″ in the 6MMC Creedmoor. A Timney 517 Flat trigger, AICS detachable 5-round magazine (10-rd optional), and a 20 MOA Picatinny rail scope mount are also integral to both models. The BPR-17 LRP comes built on a custom carbon Element chassis stock by XLR., which features an adjustable length of pull (12 – 15 inches) as well as comb height adjustment.

The lightweight chassis buttstock features QD flush cups on both sides, ambidextrous cheek rest, mono-pod provision, and an enclosed design. All Bergara BPR-17 LRP Rifles offer a Sub-MOA Guarantee.  This guarantee is proven with each rifle in the form of a test target showing the exact group measurement at 100 yards. MSRP for the BPR-17 LRP Rifle starts at $2,190.00.

The BPR-17 LRP Elite Rifle is built on a Mega Orias chassis with a Magpul PRS butt-stock.  The Orias chassis is made from extremely lightweight 7075-T651 billet aluminum and has an ambidextrous magazine release. The PRS butt-stock is precision adjustable for both comb and height and length-of-pull without sacrificing the ruggedness necessary for extreme operational environments. The Orias Chassis features QD flush cups on both sides, ambidextrous cheek rest, hidden mono-pod provision, and an enclosed design.  As standard with all Bergara Premier rifles, the Bergara BPR-17 LRP Elite Rifle offers a Sub-MOA Guarantee.  This guarantee is proven with each rifle in the form of an included test target showing the exact group measurement at 100 yards. MSRP for the BPR-17 Elite starts at $2,640.00.

Bergara Barrels, OEM supplier to several of the world’s top rifle manufacturers, incorporates a proprietary rifling by which Bergara’s custom rifles have become widely respected by big game hunters, law enforcement, and long-range shooting enthusiasts.  Now, the same accuracy boasting Bergara barrels are available to American hunters and sport shooters in the Bergara Performance Series rifles at an affordable price.

Tracking Point


Safely recapitalised from bankruptcy, Tracking Point showed its new M800 system upgrade since the Editor shot with the system at las year’s Shot Show.

The difference between the 2015 model is that the 2016 model is now controlled using the trigger as part of the aiming mechanism, thus the user does not have to move his shooting hand from trigger to the ranging button as on the 2015 model. The Editor shot with the new M800 and achieved first round hits three times!

Tag-and-Shoot is how a shooter actually uses a Precision-Guided Firearm. The shooter puts the reticle on the intended point of impact, presses the tag button, and then pulls the trigger when he has moved onto the designated point of impact. The Precision-Guided Firearm does the rest.

When you pull the guided trigger, if the sight is not perfectly aligned with your tag point, the tracking optic sends a signal to the guided trigger that prevents the launch of the round. As soon as you perfectly intersect your designation point, the guided trigger is released and you finish your trigger pull, launching a perfect shot. The fire control system won’t let misaim, jerk, or jitter affect your shot.

HUD is what you see when you look into your Precision-Guided Firearm. It’s the digital display that shows the field of view. The key user-interface between the shooter and the Precision-Guided Firearm, the HUD displays your target, along with vital pieces of data including range-to-target, target velocity, shot angle, compass heading, gun cant, battery status, WiFi status, wind velocity and direction, kill zone size, ammunition type, temperature, barometric pressure, and time of day.

It is a much improved system, still subject to export regulations but we hope that Tracking Point will debut the system at Owning the Night in November 2016 at Shrivenham.

Tracking Point told the Editor that they are looking at a day/night Thermal Sight to enhance the existing system.

M800 DMR Squad-Level Precision-Guided 7.62 (Squad Designated Marksman)

RapidLok™ Target Elimination System and Fire-Control

Designed to replace the M110 and M14, the M800 DMR is the nuclear bomb of small arms.  The RapidLok™ target acquisition system gives squad-level designated marksmen a truly dominant advantage.  The M800 delivers an insurmountable overmatch capability when engaging enemy combatants whether they are nation-states or terrorist groups.  Targets are acquired, locked, and eliminated with the pull of the trigger.  Up to 89% First Shot Success Probability (FSSP) out to 800 yards.  This is 33 times the kill-rate when compared to designated marksmen and operational snipers utilizing existing M110s and M14s.

The System In Detail

RapidLok™ Target Acquisition

As a soldier pulls the trigger the target is acquired, tracked, ranged, and measured for velocity.  By the time the soldier completes his squeeze the target is inescapably captured and instantly eliminated.

Stabilized Off-hand Target Engagements

The M800 is image stabilized enabling soldiers to make off-hand shots just as if they had had a supported gun rest.

Zero-Signature Lethality

When deployed with ShotGlass™ the soldier can be completely unexposed and can see and eliminate targets as if he were looking in the scope.  The scope view is projected into the shooters glasses so he can acquire and eliminate the combatant with virtually no exposure.  Soldiers can now shoot over berms and around corners with an extremely high hit rate.

Available to select non-military U.S. individuals.

Case comes with:

  • 1 PGF
  • 1 Charger
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 Bi-Pod
  • 1 – 20 Round Mag
  • 1 Bore Guide
  • 1 Link Pin


How It Works

Make shots that were once considered impossible. Learn how a TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm is capable of making beyond belief shots.

What It Is

A Precision-Guided Firearm is a comprehensive, purpose-built weapon system. It incorporates the same tracking and fire-control capabilities found in advanced fighter jets. Shooters of any skill level can now shoot better than the best shooters who ever lived.

What It Does

A TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm ensures never-before-seen precision at extreme distances and high target velocities. Here’s how:

  • TriggerLink™ connects the tracking optic with a guided trigger.
  • Tag-and-Shoot™ technology lets you designate an exact target impact point.
  • The tracking system then guides the trigger release.

How You Use It

Prepare for an extraordinary shooting experience beyond belief.

  • Press the tag button to designate an impact point.
  • Align the reticle with the tag.
  • Squeeze and hold the trigger.
  • The Precision-Guided Firearm does the rest.

Fire Control

Fire control technology is at the core of Precision-Guided Firearms. It is what allows the average shooter to make shots beyond what the best marksmen in the world can make with any other firearm.

  • The TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm is the first and only rifle to have a fire control system.
  • Fire control systems are basically computers that guide the release of ordnance. They virtually eliminate human error caused by misaiming, mistiming, and central nervous system jitter.
  • Almost all advanced weapon systems use fire control systems, including F35 fighter jets, M1 Abrams tanks, and precision-guided cruise missiles.

The TrackingPoint fire control system has a connection from the tracking optic to a state-of-the-art guided trigger.

  • The optic and trigger collaborate to precisely release your shot within 0.5 inches of your designated aim point at 0.57 miles. In comparison: Elite marksmen release shots within 4 inches of an aim point at 0.57 miles. Your shots are 8 times more accurate than those of an elite marksman when you use a TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm and he doesn’t.
  • The tracking optic uses computer vision and the same advanced target-tracking technology found in drones, fighter jets, and other weapon systems. Once you tag a target, the tracking optic then knows what you want to shoot and the desired point of impact.
  • The guided trigger contains dozens of microprocessors and electronic, electro-optic, and electro-mechanical components.
  • The connection between the tracking optic and the guided trigger is called TriggerLink™.

When you pull the guided trigger, if the sight is not perfectly aligned with your tag point, the tracking optic sends a signal to the guided trigger that prevents the launch of the round. As soon as you perfectly intersect your designation point, the guided trigger is released and you finish your trigger pull, launching a perfect shot. The fire control system won’t let misaim, jerk, or jitter affect your shot.

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

HUD is what you see when you look into your Precision-Guided Firearm. It’s the digital display that shows the field of view. The key user-interface between the shooter and the Precision-Guided Firearm, the HUD displays your target, along with vital pieces of data including range-to-target, target velocity, shot angle, compass heading, gun cant, battery status, WiFi status, wind velocity and direction, kill zone size, ammunition type, temperature, barometric pressure, and time of day.

Permanent Zero

The shooter never again has to worry about whether his gun is properly zeroed. The laser-based barrel reference system of the Precision-Guided Firearm maintains a permanent, factory-set, perfect zero for every shot. It’s unaffected by shock, vibration, or other environmental factors.


Tag-and-Shoot is how a shooter actually uses a Precision-Guided Firearm. The shooter puts the reticle on the intended point of impact, presses the tag button, and then pulls the trigger when he has moved onto the designated point of impact. The Precision-Guided Firearm does the rest.

Target Tracking

Precision-Guided Firearms have an integrated target tracking system, just like a fighter jet or Predator drone. Once a target is tagged, the Precision-Guided Firearm tracks the target’s exact location and velocity so that the shot is perfectly launched to ensure precise impact.


TriggerLink is an electronic connection between the tracking optic and the guided trigger. The tracking optic communicates with the guided trigger to ensure that the round is released at the precise moment required to make an extraordinary shot.

ShotView™ App

The ShotView™ app streams real-time video from the Precision-Guided Firearm to a ShotGlass™ on the Recon Jet™ wearable, smart phone, or tablet. It’s ideal for communication in hunting and target shooting applications. Friends, colleagues, or fellow soldiers can see what the shooter sees in his tracking optic.

Virtual Rest™

VirtualRest™ makes off-hand shots as easy as shooting from a stable rest. The Precision-Guided Firearm image is stabilized, so you can Tag-and-Shoot™ moving or stationary targets at extreme distances from an off-hand position.

Seek Thermal™

Stay Hot On The Trail With The New Seek RevealXR Extended Range Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera And 300-Lumen LED Light.

At the SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range, Seek Thermal™ announced the Seek RevealXR, an extended range version of its all-in-one thermal imager and high-performance LED light. Designed for outdoor environments, the RevealXR debuts in two models: TrueTimber Kanati Camo and pure Black. The TrueTimber Kanati Camo version was inspired by avid outdoorsman, professional hog hunter, and TV personality Brian Pigman’ Quaca who understands firsthand the need for thermal image tools in the field for scouting, tracking, and guaranteeing recovery, in addition to staying safe.

Built for long-range detection and identification, the RevealXR features a 20-degree field of view and a detectable thermal imaging distance of up to 900 feet. Its rugged and innovative handheld design makes it easy to capture infrared images in outdoor conditions day or night, near or far. In addition, the RevealXR’s powerful 300 lumen LED spotlight makes it ideal for situational awareness and safety, search and rescue, and recognition from a distance.

“I’m thrilled that TrueTimber was able to partner with us to launch their newest pattern so that literally every aspect of this product – from the features, to the design, to the camo – is meant to both look and play the part in the field,” says Brian “Pigman” Quaca. “With the Seek RevealXR, I’ve got a handheld tool in my pack at all times to make me a more efficient and skilled hunter. Period.”

“We recognize that for hunters and outdoorsmen out there in the wilderness, seeing the whole picture can be especially important – from target recognition to safety,” added Tracy Benson, VP Global Marketing of Seek Thermal. “To best serve their needs, we once again expanded upon our award-winning line of low cost, high quality thermal imagers, providing a long-range device that’s affordable, durable and practical for the rough, tough and dark environments they often face. It’s no longer survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the smartest, and it’s our mission to give everyone this advantage.” 


The RevealXR features a color display and a 206×156 thermal sensor with a 9hz frame rate, allowing you to see and snap quality thermal images. Store, save and transfer these photos to your computer or tablet using the USB cable or microSD card provided. The rechargeable lithium battery included has a runtime of 11 hours, perfect for extending your time outdoors.

With a suggested retail price of $449, the Seek RevealXR thermal imager in pure Black and TrueTimber Kanati Camo will be available at thermal.com and Bass Pro Shops nationwide this spring in time for hunting season.

Delta P Design

brevisDelta P Design showed its range of advanced BREVIS Suppressors.

“At Delta P Design our products are designed to create new paradigms rather than just compete. By leapfrogging present technology where possible, we provide innovative product solutions.Delta P Design delivers next generation solutions that work. Our focus is centerfire rifle suppressors and support accessories.” PR supremo Dave Strong told the Editor.


The BREVIS II is a new line of suppressors that surpass existing technology in muzzle mount suppressors. The BREVIS II excels at weight, sound and flash reduction without a handling penalty in close quarters. With durability similar to barrel life, the BREVIS II is a true flash hider replacement that performs as part of the host system.

Crazy Quail

crazyCrazy Quail, the advanced clay shooting specialist were once again present at the Range Day and the Editor had a great shoot using a 48 round automatic shot gun scoring a number of hits.

Crazy Quail launched the Crazy Quail Mini, a new  ‘REVOLUTION’ in target shooting. Currently in the final stages of development, this machine will be able to out maneuver ANY throwing machine currently on the market.

Since we began a little over a year and half ago traveling around the country introducing inquistive shooters to our Quad model, we learned that our “giant” machine is a bit over the budget of a large number of shooters and organizations. This year we strived to not only remedy that situation, but exceed it.

Introducing the Crazy Quail Mini; a smaller, more affordable version of our original Crazy Quail machine with all the 360 degree rotating fun you love!! The Mini features a completely new electronics system which will give you control unlike you’ve ever had before.” Crazy Quail told the Editor.

Control It With Your iPhone!

 The Mini works with our unique wireless gateway, complete with Bluetooth Low Energy. Just connect up your iPhone and you can control up to 256 Mini’s with just your phone! Make them rotate in sync, throw a set number of targets with a set number of seconds interval and away you go. You can even SHAKE the phone to throw a target!!

You can certainly buy the mini base alone without a thrower, but add on MEC’s new thrower they built specially for us with Power Tilt or the Wobble Chucker from R.L. Torresdal and you now have 20 degrees of elevation control as well! You get all this control with a remote that works at least 500 yards away! Now that is control!

Crazy Quail is the best practice you can shoot while it’s spinning giving you unlimited target presentations, but you can also stop the machine at the perfect angle and just practice that shot till you’ve mastered it! It’s simply amazing.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on this machine to make sure it’s not only incredible but reliable as well. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring this new “revolution” to the market!

Crazy Quail is looking at new markets for its systems, particularly the UK.

ATAC Range Day at Nellis Airforce BaseNellis_Air_Force_Base





US-made AR-15 Pattern Shotgun

bullpUS-made AR-15 Pattern Shotgun (+BULLPUP) debuted at the Range Day.


The folks who brought you the famous DP-12—the double-barreled bullpup shotgun—are at it again, and their latest offering is bound to turn heads!

Called the SKO-12, the new model uses a more conventional approach to combat shotgun design with a single-barrel setup. It’s still a very leading-edge shotgun—the SKO is a gas-operated semi-automatic magazine-fed 12-gauge shotgun with the handling characteristics of an AR rifle.

The SKO is inspired by the AR platform.

The SKO is in line with the DP-12 and possesses a lot of the flair that their first model brought to the table at last year’s SHOT Show, in a more practical package, and at an even lower price point.

Looking at the SKO it’s clear as day that this shotgun is designed to appeal to the tactical crowd. It handles a lot like a large AR, feeds from 5-round detachable magazines and it locks open on the last round. Looking at the receiver, it stays true to the AR design, with similar controls including a bolt release and ambidextrous AR-style safety levers.

Though it has AR-style controls, this shotgun uses a recprocating charging handle.

From back to front it features a collapsible stock on an AR-style adapter tube, an AR-pattern pistol grip, a flattop Picatinny rail along the receiver and a matching height front sight block rail, making mounting optics and accessories easy. Standard says the shotgun will ship with flip up iron sights.

Despite the limited trigger time available to us we shot the SKO as much as possible. Firing primarily 1-ounce game loads we found the gun to be both reliable and soft-shooting. The controls were smooth and familiar to anyone competent with the AR platform.

The one major difference between this gun and an AR rifle is the side-mounted reciprocating charging handle. Most importantly the gun went bang every time we pulled the trigger.

The forend of the shotgun has an aggressive texture.


  • 18.5-inch barrel
  • 2 3/4-iinch chamber
  • Cycles loads as low as 1 oz.
  • Detachable 5-round steel magazine
  • Flattop rail for optics and accessories
  • Polymer furniture
  • Adjustable AR-15-pattern stock
  • Pistol grip
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Last round bolt hold open
  • MSRP: $999.00


Ruger is now a suppressor manufacturer, and a great one at that. New for Shot Show 2016 Ruger has released its first entry into the suppressor market. Designated the Silent-SR (pronounced “silencer”) it’s designed to be the ultimate suppressor for your favorite Ruger rimfire rifles and pistols. Looking at the suppressor it’s clear that it is on par with other products Ruger produces, if not better.

What a way to make an entrance!  The Ruger Silent-SR

With the Ruger Silent-SR, plinking will never be the same. You may be thinking, what makes the Silent-SR so great? Just looking at its construction we see the use of premium materials as well as innovative baffle design. However, a lot more thought has been put into this suppressor than meets the eye. Starting with the tube, Ruger is selected titanium ensure strength and cut weight. On top of that the titanium body has a Cerakote finish, making it abrasion-, corrosion- and chemical-resistant.

On the inside, Ruger has developed their own design that uses a series of push cone pattern baffles that stack and lock together. The stack’s first piece is an enlarged blast baffle that reduces the ever-annoying first-round-pop common to many other suppressors.

What she looks like on the inside.

First-round-pop is a phenomenon when shooting surpressed—often, when the hot gasses expand into the baffle stack, the heat and unburned powder combine with oxygen in the suppressor and combust, making for a louder first shot on a cold can. Once that oxygen is used up, the suppressor performs at its full potential—With the Silent-SR that first shot’s pop is muffled too, owing to the unconventional blast baffle shape.

SRM Arms

shotgSRM Arms Launched its 16-Round Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun.


SRM Arms announced the launch of its new 16-round, 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, the SRM 1216. A prototype of the 1216 was first previewed at the 2008 SHOT Show, where it was named Best New Product by Outdoor Channel. SRM is a nationally-known manufacturer of high-performance shotgun components and accessories.

The Editor fired the SRM Arms 16-Round Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun. This system is awesome and will provide any military and law enforcement user with extensive firepower particularly in siege situations to break down doors and obstacles. The rotational magazine is easy to change using one drop switch. The magazine is then rotated to arm and can either be sued in semi-automatic or manual mode just by twisting the magazine manually.

The 1216 is the first of its kind in the tactical shotgun arena,” said Jeff Hajjar, President of SRM Arms.” “The 1216 is the first of its kind in the tactical shotgun.

It incorporates many design recommendations from the law enforcement and military communities,” said Hajjar, “and, from the response we have already received from both individuals and dealers interested in buying the shotgun, I am confident the civilian market will be strong for us as well.”

SRM Arms also announced its partnership with GSA Direct, LLC, an Idaho-based supplier of products and services to government agencies and the private sector. GSA Direct will be the wholesale distributor for all SRM Arms products, and will also handle the sales, marketing, and customer service functions for SRM.

“We are excited to help build the SRM Arms brand and to be a part of delivering the most advanced tactical shotgun available in the world,” said David Lehman, a partner at GSA Direct. “The 1216 has generated so much interest that we have already started taking orders for the gun, and we have yet to do any marketing,” said Lehman. “Our biggest concern right now is being able to keep up with the demand for this highly sought-after shotgun.”

In addition to the 1216, SRM has developed two NFA versions of the shotgun, the 1212 and the 1208. The 1212 and the 1208 hold 12 rounds and 8 rounds, respectively. The 12 and 8-round versions are expected to be favorites for law enforcement and the military because of their high capacity and compact profile.


 The Editor fired the new U.S. military’s Barrett M240LW crew-served belt-fed machine gun a makeover fo, and the result is the new M240LW. Introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show, the new Barrett M240LW trims around 6 pounds of weight and just over 5 inches in length from the traditional M240B design, offering a more compact and lightweight version of the proven machine gun. The new M240LW weighs 21 pounds and has an overall length of 44 inches.

Representing Barrett’s first step into crew-served belt-fed machine guns, the 7.62x51mm M240LW features an adjustable stock and a Barrett-designed handguard system that removes the barrel from any contact with the handguard. The lightweight M240 also incorporates a quick-detach (QD) bipod system for dismounted use.

Model 98B

Barret were also showing the Model 98B. Carved from years of hard-earned insight, the Model 98B is entirely in a league of its own. This revolutionary precision rifle offers sub MOA long-range performance that others can only dream about. Its straight-line design allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shots that can tame the beast when hunting large game.

Even the casual observer can see that the Model 98B is not a descendant of the bolt action sporting rifle. In fact, it’s not a descendant of anything. Available in .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Win Mag, .308 Win, .260 Rem, 6.5 Creed and 7mm Rem Mag, this rifle was developed to be a completely unique, purpose-built platform for precise long-range shooting.

Its straight-line design, running from the highly efficient muzzle brake to the shooter’s shoulder, tames recoil. It also allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shots fed from the 10-round detachable magazine. The ergonomic pistol grip reduces muscle fatigue and provides total control over the fully adjustable trigger. An intuitive, thumb-operated safety can be accessed without compromising the firing grip and allows the shooter to maintain a solid weld to the adjustable cheek piece. The oversized bolt handle can be easily manipulated, feeding a new round into the chamber as the bolt glides through a polymer guide.

The Model 98B rifle’s aluminum upper receiver boasts an M1913 optics rail, offering plenty of space to mount substantial optics as well as a night vision device or other accessories. The forward receiver is drilled and tapped for accessory rails to be mounted at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.

From its shooter-adaptable design to its unprecedented performance, the 98B is ingenuity in action.

Seek ThermalRevealXR-BLACK-Hero

 Seek Thermal launched Reveal, a powerful handheld thermal imager and 300 lumen LED spotlight. Built for the realities of work and play, the Seek Revealhandheld imager combines powerful thermal insight and a high-performance light in one durable device.

See through the dark. Light optional. Reveal’s advanced infrared technology lets you see thermal images even in the darkest night. And when you need it, Reveal’s powerful 300-lumen LED light makes sure you know exactly what’s out there.

Military-proven technology, tough enough for the toolbox. Life can get pretty dirty. So Reveal can, too. You can count on its rugged, rubberized casing and intuitive controls to go and work where you do—no matter what conditions you face.

LMT Defense

LMT_Black_FINAL_111814The Editor made his annual visit to speak with Karl Lewis, Founder and President & CEO of Lewis Machine and Tool flushed with the company’s recent success in winning an order in New Zealand with the Modular Ambidextrous Rifle System – Light (MARS-L).

The Editor discussed the LMT Sharpshooter in service with the British Army with number now exceeding 2000 with the FLIR MUNS sight as standard night vision fit.

“The British Army is very satisfied with its Sharpshooters and is looking at new enhancements such as a longer barrel to achieve a longer engagement range.” Karl Lewis told the Editor.

LMT Defense Announces Compressor PDW Family.

The Editor then went on to shoot with the Sharpshooter and other models including the new Compressor™ personal defense weapon, a nimble AR-platform that is easily concealed but fully capable.

Responding to an international military customer request, LMT Defense set out to create a versatile rifle-caliber weapon capable of being small while packing a powerful punch.  What resulted is the smallest AR profile in the industry paired with the most reliable upper receiver configuration possible – the LMT Defense monolithic upper receiver and 10.5” barrel, which has already proven itself in 35 countries around the world.  The Compressor can first been seen at the 2016 NSSF SHOT Show in booth #20249 and is expected to start shipping at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

The Compressor features a 10.5” barrel, chambered in either 5.56 or .300 Blackout, along with a modified SOPMOD stock, extension tube, redesigned buffer and buffer spring, along with a drop-in weight for the bolt carrier that delivers a fully operational weapon, suppressed or unsuppressed without operator changes, at an overall length of 24.5”.  This small profile is ideal for law enforcement agencies in need of increased maneuverability or for VIP protection to engage at distances proven unreliable with a pistol.

The Compressor lived up to its specification, lightweight and easy to deploy its ease of firing allowed the Editor to achieve a number of shots on target.

The Compressor fired by the Editor mounted the Aimpoint® Micro T-2.

The Aimpoint® Micro T-2 was demonstrated on a number of weapons. The Editor made the mistake of firing the first magazine with one eye closed. Another magazine was loaded and first shot hits achieved!

The Aimpoint® Micro T-2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. Cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the 2 MOA red dot and physical protection has been added for even more ruggedness.

LMT Defense Announces MARS-L

LMT Defense also announced the release of the Modular Ambidextrous Rifle System – Light (MARS-L), the most modern ambidextrous M4 ever.  The MARS-L platform was designed in response to a foreign military requirement to field a fully ambidextrous weapon system with complete symmetry and commonality of controls so that users could manipulate the weapon from either side in the same fashion.  This weapon now proudly serves the New Zealand Defence Force.  The MARS-L is expected to start shipping at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

The weapon is fully ambidextrous with LMT Defense designed and manufactured: Ambi-Safety Selector Switch; Ambi-Magazine Release Button; Ambi-Bolt Catch/Release Paddle; and Ambi-Charging Handle. All have been tested and vetted by both military and law enforcement agencies.  The ambidextrous features allow an operator to perform more operations from either hand including catching the bolt with the right index finger so as not to remove the hand from the grip.  To achieve this, the new lower forging design includes the bumps for the Ambi-Bolt Catch/Release Paddle, Ambi- Magazine Release Button and Fence Well. The lower forging also includes a flared magazine well that assists the operator in locating the magazine during insertion.

The modular weapon design is available in Semi-Auto (LS) or Select Fire (LA) models with 14.5”, 16”, 18” and 20” barrel options and can be fitted with the CQB® upper to accommodate a 10.5” barrel. The weapon also includes eight QD locations – five on the front rail, one in the end plate of the lower receiver and two on the stock. The weapon is “lightweight” in that it is designed for smaller rifle calibers: 5.56mm, .300 Blackout, .204Ruger, and 6.8 SPCI.

Finally, the MARS-L utilizes LMT Defense’s monolithic upper receiver to ensure the straightest and strongest rail in the industry. The one piece aluminum forging also allows for the longest barrel extension in the industry which contributes to the greatest weapon accuracy on a production scale. The CQB16-MARS will retail for $2,347.90.

LMT PDW Conversion Kit,

LMT Defense also showed the  PDW Conversion Kit, replacing five key components that make it backward compatible with any Mil-Spec M4/AR on the market: modified SOPMOD stock, shortened extension tube, redesigned buffer and buffer spring, and a drop-in weight for the bolt carrier.  This will reduce the length of any standard AR weapon by 2.75” overall and works reliably for 5.56 and .300 Blackout, either suppressed or unsuppressed, without operator changes.

The LM8PDW556 will retail for $2,691.02.  The PDW-KIT will retail for $455.00.

LMT Precision Aiming Laser

LMT Defense are now shipping the Precision Aiming Laser (PAL™) in infrared, the company’s first product from their new Electro-Optic Division.  The PAL infrared laser was initially developed for broad military customer adoption and has the cleanest and tightest laser beam on the market and uses the least amount of power.

Designed as a carbine length laser device at 400M, the laser offers almost no diffusion and therefore is only visible to those close to the start or end of the beam. Made of space age aluminum the body of the laser is smaller and lighter than other lasers, while offering a more rugged and stronger body design. The latest generation of lasers also has a waterproof depth up to 30M below water, the deepest of any laser on the market.

The PAL has five settings, including; off, low remote, low, high remote and high.  This enables a user to choose a lower setting or high setting in both constant on or on remote tether. The PAL includes the best signal connection on the market and is free float 360 degrees to reduce any hang hazards or entanglements.

LMT Defense will also be launching a commercial version of the same laser that has a lower power setting as required by federal law, and will be adding models in both red visible and green visible later in the year.  The PAL with this lower setting makes the laser ITAR safe as well as commercially viable. The commercial variant still has the same space age aluminum body design and clean laser beam image. The laser also has the same tether and touch pad for remote operation.

The LMT PAL 5 (5mW) exclusively for LE/Military users will retail for $699.00.  The LMT PAL 1 (1mW) for commercial customers will retail for $549.00.

AK Alfa Rifleakal

The AK Alfa Rifle Debuts at the 2016 SHOT Show.

Designed by a hand-picked team of Israel Defense Force (IDF) special forces snipers and engineers, the AK Alfa builds on the past using today’s latest technology. Kalashnikov USA , manufacturer of Kalashnikov style firearms, is proud to announce the AK Alfa made its debut at booth 12571 at the 2016 SHOT Show.

The AK Alfa, built on the ‘engine’ of the AK, has been redesigned with the sole purpose of providing outstanding performance on the battlefield. A team of hand-picked Israel Defense Force (IDF) snipers and engineers re-engineered the iconic AK platform to better serve today’s warfighter. The AK Alfa’s ability to conform to the user’s body type and shooting style make this rifle a custom AK right out of the box. All of the Alfa’s features have been thoroughly developed and tested to meet the high standards of unrelenting reliability, durability and performance.

“The AK Alfa design is a direct result of combining the historical reliability and worldwide acceptance of the AK platform with the latest in firearms technologies and manufacturing,” Tom McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA commented. “Couple that with maximizing user fit and performance and you have tomorrow’s AK today in the Alfa.”

The first two models of the new AK Alfa line are the AKL and AKS, both 7.62x39mm, and are expected to ship in 2016.

A host of features make the AK Alfa easy for the user to customize like an ambidextrous safety lever, magazine release and charging handle. Additionally, a retractable buttstock, adjustable cheek piece and interchangeable customized pistol grip inserts conform the Alfa to the user’s body type, easily and quickly without the use of tools.

Other features also allow the user to conform the rifle to specific missions, such as interchangeable charging grips and replaceable Picatinny rails and forearm grips. A sealed battery compartment in the pistol grip keeps moisture and dust away from the stored batteries. The AK Alfa uses standard AK magazines.

Battlefield Vegas Range Daybv



OSS Suppressorsosss

The Editor met up with OSS Suppressors at the Battlefield Vegas Range Day to fire their new and patented range of suppressors. The results were very impressive.

The OSS Suppressors are lightweight and have a totally unique design that not only eliminates muzzle flash, vital for use in covert night operations but also reduces load on the bolt as there is less gas driven down to the bolt area as there are no baffles on this system. Accuracy is not compromised by the system and the Editor achieved  a good patter of shots.

The OSS suppression system combines a BPR (Back Pressure Regulator) and SRM (Signature Reduction Module) to deliver hearing safe sound and flash signature suppression without adverse effects caused by baffle suppressors.


OSS suppressors are caliber convertible, and with interchangeable SRMs, deliver multi-mission capability. The customizable interior design enables suppressor tuning for specific platforms, and allows for full use of SIM/UTM platforms.

Superior Sustainability

OSS suppressors are 100% user serviceable and sustainable in the field, and will not degrade service life of modern weapon systems.

Flow-Through Vs Baffles

In a modern weapon system like the M4, there’s a 2.3ms delay from when the round discharges to when the bolt opens.  Similar timing delays are engineered into every modern weapons system via the gas port, the chamber and the muzzle. If the bolt unlocks prior to the engineered delay, significant problems are created for the gun and the shooter.

When a baffle suppressor is attached, the barrel length increases – longer than was originally engineered – and barrel pressure goes from .0-12psi to as much as 250-350psi – a 20-30x increase!

In addition, the expanding toxic gas and carbon from a fired round has only 2 options with baffle cans:

  1. Go forward – through the baffles that are designed toblock the gas
  2. Go backward – down the barrel, out the port and into the operators face

The OSS Flow-Through suppression system redirects the toxic gas and carbon forward while only adding only an additional 30psi to barrel pressure – only a 2.5x increase!

Shot Show Technology and Partnership Announcements


38th SHOTShow


The 38th SHOT Show® Kicked Off at Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

The 38th Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowSM (SHOT Show®) opened its doors on Tuesday January 19th at the Sands Expo Center with expectations running high given the energized market in America for firearms, ammunition and accessories. Over the next four days, the show will attract some 60,000 industry professionals from the firearms and outdoor industry, and showcase new, innovative products used for target shooting, hunting, outdoor recreation and law enforcement purposes. Owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, the SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind in the world. The show is open to trade members only and not to the public; consumers will see the products unveiled at SHOT Show on retailers’ shelves during the course of the year. SHOT Show 2016 opens amid a national trend of surging firearms sales. In December, the NSSF-adjusted total of more than 2.2 million background checks represented an increase of 37.6 percent over the same month a year ago. For all of 2015, background checks, which are used as an indicator of sales activity, were up 8.8 percent over 2014.

The $6.6bn industry is seeing more people going target shooting and purchasing firearms for personal and home protection. The multi-year trend of more women purchasing firearms for protection and recreational shooting shows no sign of easing up. And recent NSSF research shows that minority populations in the U.S, particularly the growing Hispanic population, have a genuine interest in learning about the shooting sports. Even as Americans purchase firearms in record numbers, industry points out that violent crime continues to decline, underscoring that more guns do not lead to more crime, as anti-gun groups inaccurately claim.

“Despite the political challenges being mounted against our industry, it is gratifying to see the American people supportive of firearms ownership and to see new and diverse customers taking their first shots and enjoying our sports,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti.

The week prior to the SHOT Show, NSSF rolled out a Big City Tour of its First Shots introduction-to-shooting program at area Las Vegas shooting ranges that was attended by more than 400 participants.

For the seventh year in a row, SHOT Show took place at the Sands Expo Center. The show is the largest event hosted at Sands Expo Center, and during its run injects nearly $90m in non-gaming revenue to the Las Vegas economy.

SHOT Show attracts buyers from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Hosting more than 1,600 exhibiting companies, the show floor exceeds 630,000 net square feet-equivalent to more than 13 acres or the area covered by the Great Pyramid at Giza. Some 12.5 miles of aisles lead to displays of a wide range of products, including firearms, ammunition, gun safes, locks and cases, optics, shooting range equipment, targets, training and safety equipment, hunting accessories, law enforcement equipment, hearing and eye protection, tree stands, scents and lures, cutlery, GPS systems, holsters, apparel, leather goods, game calls and decoys.

“Even though we have a satisfactory rating from last year of 84 percent from our attendees, we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of the SHOT Show and provide customers with their finest SHOT Show ever,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

The show’s New Products Center has been enhanced. Last year, more than 400 new products were displayed in the center, receiving more than 32,000 barcode scans.

Another enhancement is the new ‘SHOT Show NEXT’ segment of the show. Designed to provide attendees with an introduction to companies currently on the waiting list for exhibitor space on the main show floor, SHOT Show NEXT provides exposure to newer companies and products coming to market.

NSSF State of the Industry Event  

On the first evening of the show, NSSF presented its State of the Industry Dinner, where a capacity audience of more than 2,000 will hear from NSSF President Steve Sanetti, learn about NSSF achievements in the past year and be entertained by industry favorite, Jeff Foxworthy.

Major sponsors of the 2015 SHOT Show include Ram Truck Brand, Daniel Defense, Georgia USA, Nissan, Aguila Ammunition, Brownells, GunBroker.com, Sig Sauer, Silencer Co., Smith & Wesson, Vista Outdoor and Winchester.

The show brings together all segments a historic American industry-manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, shooting range operators, outdoor media and representatives from hunting and wildlife conservation groups.

The largest gathering of outdoor media in the world covers the SHOT Show, with NSSF having credentialed 2,500 media members. On the day prior to SHOT Show, Industry Day at the Range provides invited media and buyers an opportunity to test and learn more about new products. SHOT Show will again feature Radio Row, where major conservative radio hosts, including Mike Gallagher, Dana Loesch and Lars Larson, broadcast live from the venue.

In a longstanding tradition, SHOT Show provided a full lineup of professional development opportunities for attendees. Sold out is SHOT Show University, where firearm retailers can learn about new marketing strategies and compliance with federal regulations. Law enforcement professionals have their own series of education seminars.

SHOT Show is the year’s ‘must-attend’ event for industry professionals. Anyone with an interest in the show and new industry products can learn more www.shotshow.org or by following the show’s news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Revision Militaryrevision


Revision Military, a world leader in protective eyewear solutions, has developed and patented a laser dye for a dual-band laser protective lens that blocks 99.9% of green laser energy and over 99% of the most powerful Near-Infrared (NIR) component of commercially available green lasers. Revision’s patented dye is used in the company’s new LazrBloc GF-8 Laser Protective Ballistic Lens. The LazrBloc GF-8 lens is a unique ballistic lens that blocks green laser emissions and the high-risk NIR energy that exists outside the visible spectrum. Importantly, this lens delivers greater visible light transmission and color recognition as compared to other laser lenses on the market, making GF-8 lenses ideal for day or nighttime use.

Around the globe, reports of lasers used against law enforcement officials, military personnel, and pilots have spiked in recent years. Lasers have been used against riot police in demonstrations as widespread as Canada, the U.S., Ireland, Thailand, Greece, Egypt, and Italy, to name just a few effected regions.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and BALPA (British Airline Pilots’ Association), among other worldwide aviation officials and agencies, have recorded dramatic increases in malicious and inadvertent laser strikes on commercial airlines as well. According to the FAA, for 2015, laser strikes on commercial aircrafts topped 6,624 reported incidents, up from 3,894 in 2014. And, BALPA has found that half of all pilots experienced a laser attack in the past 12 months. Two trends are increasingly clear: these occurrences are on the rise and are more organized.

“We have always prided ourselves on our advanced protective eyewear solutions,” said Jim Hester, Vice President, Optics at Revision, “and this means identifying and adapting to new and more complex threats. Laser strikes are no longer just a military concern, they are an increasingly prevalent reality for many operating in the private sector. Revision is leading the way by providing an efficient and leading solution with the new LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective ballistic lenses.” Hester notes that these new laser protective lenses, like Revision’s previous eyewear successes in ballistic spectacles, goggles, and laser protection technology, are the result of rigorous and highly-developed design, engineering, and manufacturing processes that are constantly evolving in line with market needs. Accordingly, he adds that “in this emerging industry, Revision’s LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective lens is unmatched in its combination of ballistic protective properties, green laser blockage, Near-Infrared protection, and visible light transmission, striking an optimal balance in a single, remarkably effective, integrated solution.”

 Reports indicate that illuminations by handheld lasers are primarily green (91%) in color. The wavelength of most green lasers (532 nm) is close to the eye’s peak sensitivity when they are dark-adapted, and green lasers appear brighter than other laser colors of equal power output. Inexpensive and easy to obtain laser devices may not filter and/or align the optics, or can be maliciously altered, contaminating the green laser with a potentially harmful NIR component at 808 nm. The human eye is highly sensitive and strong emissions of directed light containing hazardous wavelengths can cause permanent ocular injury in an instant. Revision’s LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective lenses are designed to block this NIR wavelength, which is undetectable by the naked eye, while still maintaining superior light transmission, color recognition, and situational awareness as compared to other dye-based laser lenses. Revision’s GF-8 lens formulation provides an interchangeable, situation-adaptable solution that can be manufactured for Revision’s StingerHawk™ Spectacle System and Exoshield™ Extreme Low-Profile Eyewear, as well as for Revision’s other Rx-compatible military spectacle and goggle lines.


Safariland Announces Technology Sharing Agreement with FirstSpear.

The Safariland Group announced a new agreement with FirstSpear™, a manufacturer of exceptional tactical equipment for elite military and law enforcement units, to integrate FirstSpear technology into tactical vests and carriers for the Safariland® Armor collection and Protech® Tactical armor.

The licensing agreement between these two industry-leading armor companies encompasses key technologies such as the FirstSpear Tubes™ and the 6/12™ and 6/9™ pocket attachment systems.

FirstSpear Tubes: These tubes innovate the armor carrier closure system with enhanced solutions for donning and doffing tactical body armor. Manufactured from lightweight, highperformance polymers, the tubes exceed the strength of other molded fasteners currently used on operational gear. This allows field teams to progress beyond cables to the tube system that augments performance and minimizes weight.

FirstSpear 6/12 Pocket Attachment System: The 6/12 is an all-new, design-engineered pocket attachment system that reduces weight by up to 50 percent, is backward compatible with MOLLE and PALS standards and forward compatible with FirstSpear’s ultra-lightweight pockets. From adhesive heat-set backing to laser cut precision attachment points, this system meets the need for modular, lightweight load-carriage platforms and pockets.

FirstSpear 6/12 Modular Pocket Technology: Building on the 6/12 Pocket Attachment System, this companion modular pocket technology condenses weight by more than 40 percent without sacrificing performance.

FirstSpear 6/9 Modular Pocket Technology: The pocket technology developed for the 6/9 is a transitional attachment choice between the traditional MOLLE/PALS system and 6/12 platforms. With pockets that mount closer to the body and conform tighter to the platform, 6/9 offers significant weight reduction from other pockets, offers flexible attachment straps and is compatible with legacy platforms.

“We are extremely excited about this agreement with FirstSpear, advancing our arsenal of technology invested in tactical body armor to be the best available,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President, Armor for The Safariland Group. “Through this partnership, Safariland continues to revolutionize the body armor market with the tactical operator’s safety and comfort in mind.” 


This technology sharing agreement with FirstSpear demonstrates Safariland’s commitment to the mantra that, “Together, We Save Lives.”

Ronnie Fowlkes, VP Business Development for FirstSpear stated, “FirstSpear is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of the professional user, and this agreement will provide flexibility and 2/2 increased access to proven technologies that have become the standard for those who demand the most from their equipment.” 

These new technologies were on display at SHOT Show.

Safariland Group Unveiled Groundbreaking Armor

Safariland continues to innovate with armor purpose-built for performance and comfort. The Safariland Group (‘Safariland’) debuted the all-new Safariland® Armor collection, a complete line of ballistic panels and carriers built for performance. Designed to integrate together, to perform, move, flex and respond as the body does, delivering unprecedented protection, comfort and fit, the line is being revealed at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, from January 19-22. By reinventing existing armor solutions from the ground-up, Safariland Armor will change the way officers think of and wear armor.

The Safariland Armor collection is comprised of five distinct panel designs that work universally with all the carrier models to meet any department’s need and budget. Each ballistic panel is developed with high-performance materials and technologies and feature cuts that maximize coverage and maneuverability. The new carrier lines, in both covert/concealable and overt/external designs, utilize advanced materials and performance fabrics to work with the body and maximize comfort in a large range of styles to cover duty, tactical and mission-specific needs.


“For us, success is every saved life,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President, Armor. “Forming a holistic system, we are taking armor to the next level of performance.  Every detail has been considered: scalability, durability, affordability and comfort to meet the demanding needs of both male and female officers.”

Each of the five panel packages are the best of wearability and stopping power – unparalleled performance based on actual field wear-testing.

  • SX – Flagship design that is one of the thinnest, lightest, and strongest ballistic products available on the market.
  • Summit™ – Utilizes advanced and exclusive materials that deliver exceptional ballistic performance while providing the ultimate in comfort and flexibility.
  • Xtreme® – A versatile and flexible package featuring 100% aramid based material that features advanced perimeter stitching for all-day comfort and performance.
  • Monarch® – A hybrid design that balances value, blunt trauma, and special threat ballistic performance.
  • Prism® – Combines advanced materials and design to protect against both stab and ballistic multi-threats.

The new Safariland Armor carriers introduce a system customizable for the individual officer, interchanging perfectly with every ballistic panel and carrier.

The ultra-concealable Covert, or concealable carriers, prioritize ergonomic designs, lightweight fabrics and contoured stitch lines. The carriers in the Covert line – Models P1, F1, M1 and E1 – feature high-performance laminated four-way stretch fabric and cooling spacer mesh liner. Further, an anti-microbial liner to inhibit odor causing bacteria is included on the F1, M1 and E1.

The Overt carrier options, worn externally, feature traditional and load bearing styles for versatility, fit and adjustability. Among their many features, the V1 and U1 overt carrier models encompass a hidden gun pocket, Velcro®-adjustable shoulders and ribbed channel-spacer cooling mesh. Each of these models is offered in either front- or side-opening options for officer preference. Further, the V1 models feature laser cut webbing for attaching equipment.

A unique product within Safariland Armor’s product line, the HyperX™ is a scalable solution that exemplifies the next generation of armor. This integrated system, consisting of a performance base layer T-shirt made of stretch fabric that moves and flexes, and a ballistic carrier, both have soft armor plate pockets for enhanced coverage and protection. The sleek, athletic styling and performance materials offer exceptional comfort and flexibility for all day wear.

Through Safariland’s years of experience and collaboration with leading manufacturers in ballistic technology, this armor is engineered for better compositions and designs integrating ballistic performance and human performance. Best-in-class industry partners include TexTech Industries, Teijin Limited, DuPont Kevlar Honeywell International Inc., SAATI and Barrday Protective Solutions. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)


CAA Introduces Two RONI® Models with the SB® Tactical Stabilizer Brace®, the Micro RONI® RECON Stabilizer and the RONI® RECON Stabilizer.

CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, debuted two RONI® models featuring the SB® Tactical Stabilizer Brace®, enabling one-handed firing of the Micro and RECON* by attaching it to the operator’s forearm. The Stabilizing Brace provides controlled support while minimizing the accuracy robbing spin and shift that often accompanies one-handed shooting.

The Stabilizing Brace is adjustable and flexible with a hook and loop fastener for a custom fit for any user. The brace was originally designed for wounded warriors and others with a disability or otherwise incapable of securely holding a firearm. The STAB-RONI® is constructed from high quality elasto-polymers to exacting tolerances. Both models are designed for the GLOCK® 19/17 pistol.

The RONI® platform requires no pistol disassembly at all. Simply drop the pistol in the kit and it locks within seconds. Many of the features on RONI® are ambidextrous, including the trigger-guard safety, a super-fast cocking handle and right and left serrated thumb rests for better recoil control and muzzle rise. Additional features include a forward mounted extra magazine holder, integral forward flashlight mount, Picatinny rails for two sighting devices and additional side rails.

Both the Micro RONI® Stabilizer and the RONI® RECON Stabilizer are available in black. MSRP is $546.00 for the RECON and the Micro will be announced at a later date.

*The RONI® Stabilizer Brace is intended only to be used as designed as a forearm brace. The addition of a stock and/or forward grip to the RONI® RECON would convert it into a NFA controlled Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) and Any Other Weapon (AOW).

Op .Electronicsopel


Founded in 1989, Op.Electronics is a Taiwan-based high-tech company with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, specializing in laser, optics, and electronics. Featured products are:


Scope Smarter™. An intelligent scope-mounting device with built-in sensors and a computing unit. Calculates & displays drop and wind compensation from user’s key-in or wirelessly fed from ZAP®1600W.

TOP GUN® Ballistic Shooting Simulator.makes learning of long-range shooting easier and more effective. Calculated ballistic compensation illustrates the influence of gravity and wind on a shot at any distance and also elevation.


Op .Electronics of Taiwan announced the ZAP® Long Range Laser Rangefinder. ZAP® features Auto Scan, measures in Rain or Fog and Elevation/Height/Compass readout.  Compact design with hi-optical transmission and lit display  (model 1600 & above).  Drop and wind compensations (model B) and wireless data transmission (model W).



Caracal and Wilcox Industries

Caracal and Wilcox Industries unveiled this week at SHOT Show 2016 the first in their line of integrated tactical rifle systems, the CAR816-A2 with Fusion System Kit designed for the defence and security market with commercial application.

On the new product, Hamad Al Ameri, CEO of Caracal said, “Our partnership with Wilcox has redefined the approach to integrated weapon systems. The CAR816-A2 with Fusion System is the first product collaboration between our two companies, delivering firearms that meet the critical needs of law enforcement officers and the modern warfighter.”

Caracal’s CAR816-A2 is currently being manufactured at Wilcox’s world-class facility in New Hampshire and will be available on a limited basis in 2016. The tactical rifle features a short stroke push rod gas piston operating system, controlled by an adjustable gas block with three positions – supressed, unsupressed and a setting for operating in adverse conditions. The Wilcox’s Fusion System Kit, a lightweight module rifle forearm system that hosts a quick-change battery compartment within the grip can be integrated into the manufacturing process of the CAR816-A2. This system powers a red dot sight, integrated visible laser, IR laser as well as fixed IR illuminator, and is co-aligned with one windage and elevation knob to boresight the system.

On the eve of SHOT Show 2016, Caracal and Wilcox Industries officially announced their new strategic partnership that will see Caracal guns produced in the United States for the first time.

Caracal and Wilcox Industries announced a new strategic partnership that will see Caracal firearms produced for the first time in the United States from Wilcox’s world-class manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire.

On the new partnership, Hamad Al Ameri, CEO of Caracal said, “This partnership takes Caracal to the next level, and supports our long-term strategic goals for the United States. Our two highly-experienced teams will be working hand-in-hand, collaborating and sharing expertise on the design and development as well as the manufacturing and testing of new, exciting Caracal products customised for the US market.” 

Wilcox is well-known to the industry as an innovation leader when it comes to tactical products developed to support special forces units in the United States and globally, and are highly sought after by many of the top gun makers.

Under the terms of the partnership,  Caracal’s US-based subsidiary, Caracal USA will co-locate its headquarters with Wilcox, with its Idaho office serving as its marketing arm. Target weapons for production at the facility include the 5.56mm CAR 814 direct impingement, semi-automatic rifle and the CAR 816 short stroke gas-piston semi-automatic rifle, both of which are designed for the US sporting market. Select-fire variants of these rifles will also be made for the defence and security market. Caracal’s new generation Enhanced F 9mm pistol will also be made in the facility.  The production of the CAR family of rifles will also enable Caracal USA and Wilcox to now compete for US government arms contracts.

Speaking on the strategic partnership, Mr. Jim Teetzel, founder and CEO of Wilcox Industries, said, “We are proud to have Caracal working and collaborating alongside our team. This unique partnership represents the future of the industry, where leading experts from around the world unite to develop cutting-edge products for the market.”

 The partnership will also provide Caracal with manufacturing and distribution rights for the Wilcox fusion system and the 40mm Grenade Launcher Module (GLM).

Looking ahead, Hamad Al Ameri said, “This partnership brings together Caracal with an innovation leader when it comes to tactical products for special forces units. In addition to the CAR816-A2, Wilcox and Caracal will begin manufacturing the CAR 814 direct impingement rifle and the new generation Enhanced F pistol at Wilcox’s facility.” He went on to add, “Our teams are already working together to design and develop new Caracal products customised for the US market, and we look forward to showcasing our progress at SHOT Show 2017.”

 In addition to the products manufactured at Wilcox’s facility, Caracal will also be importing under license and on a limited basis the Haenel sniper rifle. The Haenel RS-8 and RS-9 Rifles are extremely durable and lightweight sniper rifles with 60degree bolts, 3-lug action and 3 position safety. They feature fully adjustable 2-stage triggers, high-quality barrels and deliver ultimate precision and accuracy and a wholly modular design to allow for the full complement of accessories. The RS-9 was recently awarded the German Army Special Forces Sniper contract for mid range .338 rifles system.


ATN Debuts the Latest in its Successful OTS Thermal Monocular Line with the OTS-X Series.

Designed with versatility in mind and customizable lenses, ATN’s Thermal Monocular is ideal for home security, boating, security professionals and law enforcement. ATN, innovators of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital Smart HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, is pleased to introduce the OTS-X Series of Thermal Imaging cameras. Made in the USA, the OTS-X Series provides users with an adaptable and high quality thermal vision solution with 0.5x magnification. Designed to be versatile, compact, lightweight yet rugged, this thermal viewer can be easily carried in a cargo pocket for law enforcement and sportsmen alike.  The OTS-X Series uniqueness lies within its customizable lenses. With most thermal vision devices, and even with most night vision devices, the lens and magnification level that the scope provides when purchased will be the lens and magnification that are permanently in the scope. This does not hold true for the OTS-X as it features interchangeable lenses. This means that if the user buys a close quarters scope, but later on decides that he or she needs a longer range device, the user would not have to buy a brand new thermal imaging camera, but rather just a new lens for the scope they already own. This customizability saves the user money and storage space.

In addition, the OTS-X is designed to ergonomically fit in the user’s hand with an easy-to-use control system and an icon based menu to make adjustments and color mode changes simple. All OTS-X devices are available with an optional video out cord, which transforms the viewer into a handheld camcorder for easy recording and output from the thermal camera.

ATN’s ThOR HD Thermal Riflescopes

ATN’s ThOR HD Thermal Riflescopes “Get Smart” in Newest Evolution. ATN, innovators of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital Smart HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, is pleased to introduce its new ThOR HD Series of thermal rifle scopes. The ThOR HD isn’t your average thermal scope. It’s smart. At the heart of the ThOR HD beats the all new Obsidian “T” II core. This powerful processor allows the ThOR HD to pack in intelligence and features previously not seen in a thermal riflescope.

“The ThOR HD is the future’s technology today. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Our engineers really outdid themselves,” remarked ATN’s Director of Marketing, Chip Fong.

The ThOR HD now comes with a ballistic calculator that can take into account wind speed, range, incline and more while instantaneously making corrections to the reticle’s point of impact. The ThOR HD also now has a profile manager, allowing one to save ballistic settings and the “zero” in a profile. Want to switch rifles or shoot at a different distance and be instantly zeroed in? Simply open the saved profile for that rifle or distance and instantly be on target.

The ThOR HD can also record videos and photos onto a MicroSD card and it comes with ATN’s new patented Recoil Activated Video (RAV). Now hunters will never forget to record that perfect shot. When the RAV feature is enabled, the system buffers everything the scope sees. As the trigger is pulled, the recoil tells the scope to record what it saw before the shot was taken, the actual shot itself and as much video after the shot as preferred. Now the user can focus on more important things than hitting the record button, like pulling the trigger.

Other unique features include the E-Barometer, Gyroscope and E-Compass. Activating the built-in gyroscope and image stabilization gives hunters a smooth image that makes it easier than ever to spot game. The E-Compass lets users know exactly what direction to head in so one can move a little closer and get a better shot at hogzilla. The ThOR HD is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (4.1) enabled so the user can connect his or her phone or tablet and view everything the scope sees on a mobile device.

Carolina Arms Group (CAG)CAG-Web-Logo

Carolina Arms Group (CAG), a manufacturer dedicated to producing heirloom quality, American made firearms, unveiled their newest 1911 handguns at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas at N 1811 on Level 3, the ‘Trenton Commander’ or TC-9 and TC-45.

Built on an Officer frame with a Commander 4.25″ slide, the new TC line of CAG 1911’s offer concealed carry and law enforcement professionals a premier defense platform that is 100% American-made and masterfully-crafted using the finest materials with attention to detail unlike any other 1911’s on the market.

The TC line’s frame and slide are constructed from forged carbon steel and stainless steel. Both the 9mm and .45 TC models feature Kart Precision barrels forged from ordnance steel to match grade specs and tested for accuracy to 1.25 – 1.5″ MOA. The super smooth 4 lb. trigger pull offers a crisp, audible reset on the adjustable aluminum trigger. The extended thumb safety, wider than traditional 1911’s offers users the option of an ambidextrous extended thumb safety. All CAG Trenton’s proudly display the Carolina eagle emblem on proprietary VZ® grips that offer the user the ultimate in grip combined with high end aesthetics.

Carolina Arms Group, located in “Race City, USA” brings together state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities with, local craftsman talent and skilled workforce with firearms manufacturing experience and 1911 passion to produce some of the finest, American-made handguns today. All Carolina Arms Group Trenton’s are hand-filed, stone-lapped, hand-fitted and test-fired for accuracy, feel and function. Carolina Arms Group guarantees 1.5″ accuracy at 25-yards on all their guns.

Carolina Arms Group Trenton 1911s ship with two 8-round magazines.

Desert Techdesertt

Desert Tech announced that it has has begun production of the much anticipated Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) and rifles are scheduled to start shipping 2nd quarter of 2016.  The MDR rifle is the most anticipated rifle release of 2016 and is currently featured on the February cover of RECOIL Magazine.

In anticipation of the large demand for the MDR, Desert Tech has invested and installed over $3.5m in brand new state of the art CNC machines that are dedicated to the production of the MDR.

“We have expanded every aspect of the Desert Tech production capabilities in 2015 and with the new equipment in place, 2016 is set to be a very exciting year,” said Nick Young, CEO of Desert Tech.

“The precision and complex capabilities of the MDR make it a true Micro Dynamic Rifle,” said Cory Newman, Chief Engineer of Desert Tech.

Desert Tech will begin taking pre-orders for MDR rifles starting Tuesday, January 19th, 2016.

Liberty Ammunitionlba-logo-119x100

Liberty Ammunition Unveiled the Fastest .308 Win Round On the Market at the 2016 SHOT Show. The first hunting round in the new Animal Instinct line, the .308 (7.62x51mm) Win. offers hunters and LEO’s increased lethality at medium to longer ranges. Liberty Ammunition unveiled the first hunting round, the .308 Winchester, in their new Animal Instinct ammunition line at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 19 – 22, 2016. The Liberty Ammunition .308 Win is the fastest at 3,500 FPS, and exits a rifle with a muzzle energy of 2,700 FPE. This lead-free copper monolithic, fragmenting hollow-point Liberty Ammunition round is the next generation of one of the most popular hunting and long range rounds in existence.

“Animal Instinct ammunition is optimized to deliver the most extreme energy transfer at impact, while still providing exceptional penetration, giving hunters that ‘ONE & DONE’ capability they seek,” Matt Phillips, VP of Sales and Marketing for Liberty Ammunition explained. “Animal Instinct’s match grade accuracy and noticeable low recoil allows the hunter to be more proficient while making the shooting/hunting experience more enjoyable.”

 The .308 Winchester was introduced in 1952 as a sporting round to fit a standard short-action rifle. The highly accurate round quickly found favor with big game hunters and shortly thereafter was adopted by the U.S. Military for the M14 rifle. The new Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct .308 Win. is lighter than its competition at 100 gr.  Animal Instinct .308 delivers more lethality in a flat shooting round with match grade accuracy, all in a low recoil, easy to manage package.


Hunters, law enforcement officers and military operators alike, will all benefit tremendously from Liberty Ammunition’s Animal Instinct line, providing them pinpoint accuracy, significant increase in lethality, and low recoil for more control

Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct .308 Winchester Specifications:

Product Number: LA-HA-C-308-045

Description: Copper Monolithic, Fragmenting Hollow Point, Lead Free Hunting Round

Weight: 100 gr.

Velocity: 3500 FPS

Kinetic Energy: >2700 FPE

Accuracy: 1 MOA @ 500 yds.

Terminal Effect: >5″ W x 16″ D



Steel Core has created a range of rifles in .308 (7.62 x 51 NATO), .338 LAP MAG and 50 BMG this collection is called the “Thunderbolt”

Steel Core DesignsSteel_Core_Designs_highlights_its_newest_SC_76_Thunderbolt_7_62_x_51_mm_sniper_r

Steel Core Designs showed the Cyclone sniper rifle at this year’s Shot Show. Cyclone is geared to the tactical/military shooter with innovative features that will help achieve a first round hit. The barrels used are London proofed Lothar barrels that enjoy a very solid reputation in the community.

Steel core woner was not at the Shot Show for the first time in many years. Rumours were circulating that he was at home dealing with a multi-million pound order from an overseas customer!

ConclusionBattlespace Logolittle

 All in all another excellent Shot Show, expect the Editor to be back next year.

A special thanks to Barbara Morgan and Alyson Langan of the British Consulate in Los Angeles who replaced the Editor’s stolen Passport in one day, sending it from LA to Las Vegas in one day without any need for the Editor change of itinerary or flights!

Bad case of jet lag as many suffered this year! May have been preview for the snow on the West Coast!

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