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Plextek Consulting now offers airspace monitoring and de-confliction to end-users for:

Test Ranges

  • plextekUAS Operators
  • Ground Forces
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Emergency Services

Situational Awareness

The system utilises E-scan Doppler radar technology to scan the area of airspace beyond the visual line of sight, giving enhanced situational awareness. This can be maintained by tracking potentially conflicting traffic and alerting the operator.

This system can assist operators during extended line of sight flights either as an independent overview, or fully integrated into the operator ground control station.

The network enabled capability of the system allows multiple feeds to be monitored simultaneously using minimal bandwidth and provides real time data to mobile operators, observers and range controllers.


Applications include monitoring restricted airspace to protect research and training flights or to assist in extended line of sight operations. The system can be configured to alert users to potential infringement of boundaries, or incursion into restricted airspace by even the smallest unmanned air platform.

The highly mobile nature and small logistic footprint allow quick deployment to enhance the safety of flights in open airspace.

Sense and Avoid

Plextek would be pleased to discuss bespoke requirements with prospective customers, such as integration with electro-optical and/or infra-red sensors to provide an enhanced sense and avoid system, capable of recognition and identification.

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