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India publishes data about its position as a defence exporter MPI (with data from a Government of India press release)

29 Jul 15. The Indian government has released details about its current initiatives to drive defence exports, as well as the names of countries that imported military equipment from India during 2014-2015. This is the first time that such information has been released by the government, perhaps in part to increase awareness about the country’s growing defence export push. According to the press release, the Indian government has taken several steps to encourage defence exports, with some of the major initiatives being:indcoast

  • Formulation of a Defence Export Strategy outlining the policy and procedural initiatives to be taken by the Government.
  • Constitution of a Defence Export Steering Committee (DESC) to deliberate and decide policy and procedural issues related to defence exports.
  • Simplification and increased transparency of the SOP for issue of no-objection certificates (NOC) to exporters.
  • Establishment of an internet-based process for NOC application filing and processing, in order to speed the process and avoid procedural delays.

Based on data below, it can be inferred that countries in South and Southeast Asia are the largest importers of major defence items from India. Even within the region, India has seen the most success from the export of helicopters and patrol vessels. It is certain that this is the market most promising to India. News reports from July have suggested that Myanmar is interested in procuring offshore patrol vessels (OPV) from India but this has been hindered due to international sanctions. Given that the sanctions regime on Myanmar is slowing easing, it can only be assumed that India is keen to capitalise on the new market. Outside of this region, India appears to have had some success in supplying spare parts for radar systems and aircraft.

Sl. No. Importing Country Description of items 2014-15

  1. Afghanistan Cheetal Helicopters, Stallion 4X4 MK IV with cargo body
  2. Ecuador Dhruv Helicopters spares and services.
  3. Germany Mechanical parts, Fuze Point detonating M 572 (assembled with no explosives), light mechanical engineering
  4. Indonesia Spares for TRS 2215 Radar
  5. Israel Work packages, Compass, LRF, TIFCS, TIFCS Cable set, TIFCS Installation Kit
  6. Italy Kavach Mod II
  7. Malaysia SU-30 Avionics, Helicopter and MIG spares & services
  8. Mauritius Dhruv/ Dornier & Helicopter Spares & services, Offshore Patrol Vessel

(OPV), Ammunitions

  1. Myanmar RAWL-02 MK-III, Sonar HMS-X
  2. Namibia CH/CK Helicopter, spares and rotables
  3. Nepal ALH Helicopter and CH/CK spares and rotables, ammunition, accessories for ammunition, Bulletproof Vest and Fragmentation Jacket, 5.56 mm steel core (28.79,378 pieces).
  4. Oman Jaguar spares and services, training on engine shaft alignment
  5. Russia MIG/SU-30 spares and services, RWR, TP for PCB’s testing
  6. Singapore Multipurpose support vessel
  7. Sri Lanka Indra MK-II Spares, Lion Battery charger, Secure VHF Handheld Radio LVP

285 & services

  1. Suriname CH/CK Helicopter, spares and services
  2. Switzerland Cable Looms
  3. Turkey Bullet Proof Vest + Plates, Helmet, Bullet proof ceramic panel.
  4. UAE Vacuum Interrupter
  5. UK Work packages/ forgings, Transmitting tubes
  6. USA Work packages/ forgings, Electronic assemblies, Flight Control panel, Mechanical parts, Vacuum Interrupter
  7. Republic of Korea Turbocharger


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