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Enhanced Identification ranges to support 24hr sharpshooter and sniper engagements. In-line Weapon Sight for sharpshooter and sniper applications from Qioptiq




Clip on systems for Sharpshooter and Sniper weapon platforms are increasing in demand as armed forces push to achieve greater target identification ranges during night-time and adverse weather conditions.   With weapon systems and operators capable of engaging targets at extended ranges during the day, the aim is to match that capability at night.

As a principal designer and manufacturer of infra-red, image intensified and fused night vision equipment supplying the worlds militaries – with more than 100,000 individual night sights in service with over 58 different countries. Qioptiq has recognised the recent shifting trend to the In-Line configuration. This gives the User the ability to retain his conventional optical day sight, rather than replace it, and therefore retain the zero and other MMI settings that the User is familiar with.

The DRAGON-S12 is the new In-line Thermal Sight designed specifically for sharpshooter and sniper









Applications. Part of the latest development in thermal imaging technology from Qioptiq the sight provides snipers with 24hr surveillance and target engagement capability – utilising a state of the art 640×480 format 12µm, 60Hz uncooled thermal sensor coupled with a near silent shutter, delivering class leading sensitivity and uniformity and delivers world leading performance and reliability.

DRAGON-S12 attaches to Picatinny and NATO accessory rails in front of the day sight via a quick release throw lever, providing 24hr capability without the need to remove or re-zero the day sight.

We deliver a range of world leading weapon sights for a wide variety of platforms including individual assault weapons, light support weapons, crew-served weapons, anti-tank/anti-materiel weapons, and specialised sniper applications, using image intensifying, thermal and Fused imaging technology.









Looking at Image Intensified sights for sniper applications we move to the MERLIN-LR (Long Range). This is a lightweight night vision adaptor for military and law enforcement operators who want to retain the use of their existing day scopes.

MERLIN-LR is part of the MERLIN family of Night Vision Products from Qioptiq utilising the latest optical technologies to deliver world leading performance and reliability and can be fitted with a wide range of standard and autogating image intensifier tube variants from US and European manufacturers.

This is a high resolution collimated night sight for use in front of an existing day sight, providing the user with a 24 hr capability and can be installed and removed without the need for re-zeroing.

MERLIN-LR ensures a high night time first round hit probability and attaches via a quick release mount onto either a primary or secondary picatinny rail attached to the weapon (other mounting options are available).

Whatever the requirement, Qioptiq stands ready to support our armed forces with the latest mission critical equipment.


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