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12, rue Sadi Carnot
93170 Bagnolet

Contact: Antoine Brenier
Tel: +33 1 4993 1918
Fax: +33 1 4993 1969
Email: antoine.brenier@saftbatteries.com
Website: www.saftbatteries.com

Saft is the world leading supplier of Lithium battery systems to the militaries worldwide.
Applications powered by Saft’s primary or rechargeable batteries include: radio-communications, night vision, satellite navigation, target acquisition, ruggedized laptops, chemical agent detectors, ventilated protective NBC suits, underwater warefare, portable radars, UUVs, ground military hybrid vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc…
Saft’s portfolio includes SO2, SOCl2, MnO2 and Li-ion cells and batteries.

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