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Impal Electro Systems

Delhi, India

Contact: S. Chandra
Tel: +91 11 22328694
Fax: +91 11 22328694
Email: Impalelectrosystems@yahoo.com
Website: under construction

IMPAL ELECTRO SYSTEMS is a leading trading company in the International Market. It is pertinent to mention that the company has authorized dealership agreement with the manufacturer for the procurement and supply of the security related products. We trade with a wide range of Security related Products and Russian Aviation Spares. The detail of the products is given as under:

( The system for CDMA IS-95, CDM-2000 intercepting
( The system for GSM mobile communication system channels monitoring
( Systems for transmitting audio and video signals via radio channel
( Special antennas
( System of video and audio digital transmission via radio channel
( Pulse Audio transmission system by air, with big audio accumulation time
( Mobile objects location monitoring system
( Self-contained vehicle mini sensor for location detection
( Connected to radios sensor for vehicle location determination
( Universal decoder of digital radio microphones
( Portable complex for neutralization of radio controlled explosives
( Mobile complex for neutralization of radio controlled explosives
( Neutralizing radio controlled explosives system designed for military vehicles
( Radio monitoring complexes
( Portable complexes of digital recording and processing of information for analog lines
( Portable complexes for monitoring of digital E1trunks(ISDN PRI (ISDN 30)) and ISDN BRI (ISDN 2B+D) digital lines
( Portable complexes of digital recording and processing of modem sessions (FTP, TELNET, HTTP, E-mail)
( Portable complexes of digital registration and processing of IP telephone sessions
( Digital radio transmitters
( Multi device universal remote control transmitter
( GSM & CDMA Jammers.
( Special Grapnel for min Sweeping
( Selective inductive mine detector
( Specialized Bomb Jammers of various types (16 serial models).
( Portable GPS Receiver Jammer.
( Portable Examining X-Ray Equipment.
( Selective inductive mine detector.
( Mechanical Clock and Electronics Fuse Detectors
( Container for Insulation and Transportation of Explosives.
( Express Tests for Detection and Identification of Narcotics and Drugs.
( Special Grapnel for Mine Sweeping.
( Portable explosive vapor detector
( Express Tests for Detection and Identification of explosives
( Non-linear radio locator
( Bomb disposal suit
( Forensic equipment
( Designing and manufacturing equipment by order of police and anti-terrorism agencies

It would be pleasure for us to do business with you.

Awaiting Best Response,

Best Regards,

Subhash Chandra
Chief Executive Officer

Tel/Fax: +91 11 22328694
Email: impalelectrosystems@yahoo.com

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