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22 April 2015.  netconnectAgile Communications, Inc., the California, USA based electronics systems and consultancy business announces the launch of the NetConnect™ tactical router.

NetConnect™ is a tactical edge router that provides standards-based routing capabilities with customized extensions related to performance enhancements for individual tactical communication systems.  NetConnect™ establishes a well-connected network from the tactical edge to the upper tactical internet (TI) mitigating many of the unique routing issues introduced by tactical radios, especially when interworking with complex MANET waveforms.   NetConnect™ is available as an integrated, ruggedized hardware platform with a low SWAP-C and impact to tactical vehicles, and includes the ability to host mission specific software in addition to its routing core.  NetConnect™ is also available as a software package for integration with other hardware solutions.  NetConnect™ has been proven in theater and at the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE).

NetConnect’s small size and power, multiple physical connection types[RS9] and ability to host user developed applications make it perfect for “net enabling” older non-networked equipment. NetConnect systems are currently deployed to control legacy serial interfaced Electronic Warfare equipment[RS10]

Dave Hall, CEO of Agile said, “As part of our direct support of active tactical networks, we saw a need to provide the warfighter with more robust router connectivity for the battlefield as existing systems were not seen as robust enough to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, particularly in relation to cyber and hacking threats. Using our own resources and funding, we developed NetConnect to meet the performance required. In addition, NetConnect hardware consists only of parts sourced by US suppliers, with all PCB and product assembly/test performed by US turnkey manufacturers.[RS11]”

NetConnect offers four physical ports with flexible interfaces. Each port supports serial, Ethernet, and USB interfaces in any combination. NetConnect also includes hardware expansion support such as PCIe and SATA interfaces.

NetConnect has a small form factor, around 95 in³ volume. It requires low power, 12 watts nominal, and weighs less than 3 lbs[CW12]. This allows it to be easily integrated into almost any network environment. The aluminum extruded housing is built to withstand harsh Mil-Spec environments. Optionally, the NetConnect can be ordered in card form to allow for custom installations.

The NetConnect is as much as 50% less expensive than competing routers while offering far greater flexibility.

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