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05 Feb 12. The Hermes® 900 is Elbit Systems’ next-generation multi-mission, multi-payload Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). The Hermes® 900 is a natural extension of the successful Hermes® 450, which has a track record of over 300,000 accumulated flight hours. Among the key capabilities offered by the Hermes® 900 are longer endurance, flight altitude of 30,000 ft. and a large payload capacity (up to 350kg). A unique 2.5 meter long internal payload bay is provided, capable of accommodating up to 250 kg and allowing quick modular payload installation and replacement, as well as additional payload installation capacity including four hard points under the wings. The UAS includes innovative avionics and electronic systems, a low noise engine, as well as solutions that can be offered for sense & avoid capabilities and safe integration of the UAS into the relevant air space. The Hermes® 900 employs the same ground control station, line of sight data link, various sensors and key ground support equipment elements as the Hermes® 450. This enables seamless insertion of Hermes® 900 into Hermes® 450 units with highly cost effective logistics optimization and minimal additional training.
The Hermes® 900 system provides rich and versatile multi-payload configurations offering unique cutting edge sensors and systems with flexible and modular installation. The following payloads and sensors are offered to accomplish a wide variety of missions:
* Digital EO/IR/Laser payload – DCoMPASS®
* SAR/GMTI & MPR Radar
* SIGINT payloads: Skyfix COMINT/DF; Skyfix-G COMINT GSM system; SKYJAM communication jamming system; AES 210 V/V2 ESM (ELINT) system; additional EW systems
* Stand off EO/IR/Laser system – AMPS
* Electro optic Mapping and Survey/Scanning system – LASSO
* Hyper Spectral Payload
* Wide Area Persistent Stare system
* Additional payloads
* Customer designated payloads
Hermes® 900 also offers an advanced satellite communication data link and is operated from Elbit Systems’ universal command & control ground station (UGCS), enabling advanced mission management, highly autonomous and mission effective operation and automatic takeoff and landing capability common to all the UAS in the Hermes® family. Hermes® 900 was developed in accordance with STANAG 4671 to the highest standards of safety and airworthiness. To facilitate capabilities to operate in adverse weather an anti-icing system is available as well as sensors such as SAR/GMTI capable of operating in cloud conditions. The advanced Hermes® 900 system architecture separates safety critical flight systems from mission systems providing much greater flexibility and cost/optimization in integration of new, even customer indigenous, payloads. The modular internal payload bay is also an important enabler for easy and modular payload integration and installation. To meet the very high standard of Hermes® UAS safety and reliability, Hermes® 900 also features a fully redundant flight avionics and electronics architecture avoiding the loss of control of the UAS due to a single point of failure. Based on Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop’s proprietary technologies, the unique, innovative hyperspectral imaging technology enables simultaneous imaging of the region of interest at different wavelengths. The unique payload is able to track the spectral signature of the imaged materials, which is unique to every material in nature, just like a fingerprint. The innovative hyperspectral technology introduces a new, additional dimension to the world of intelligence gathering by enabling detection and tracking of targets on the basis of their material signature. The new payload enables intelligence gathering via identification, measurement and tracking of materials and objects including uncovering low signature military activity and invisible obstacles, as well as identification of hazardous materials. T

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