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08 Jun 11. Unmanned Air System (UAS): Programme Named. BAE Systems and Dassault Aviation announced (8 Jun 11) Telemos as the name of the programme that will deliver their joint response for a next generation Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS. (Telemos was the prophetic son of Eurymos, who warned Polyphemus about an attack.) The two Companies are to announce further details of the Telemos programme during the Paris Air Show (20-26 Jun 11).
Comment: The Telemos programme is expected to develop the BAE Mantis UAS, with development costs of €1,000m (£886m) being shared equally by the two Defence Ministries. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/23, 13 Jun 11)

09 Jun 11. Rolls-Royce could modify one of its turboprop engines and work with Safran’s Turbomeca if the British company were to supply propulsion for a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) drone pitched by BAE Systems and Dassault, said Francis Kearney, Rolls’ defense director for Europe. Depending on the power requirement, Rolls would probably pick a power plant from its current product range, such as the RTM22 helicopter engine, and adapt it for the Telemos MALE aerial vehicle proposed by BAE and Dassault as a joint project to Britain and France, Kearney said June 9 on the sidelines of a news conference ahead of the Paris Air Show. (Source: Defense News)

09 Jun 11. Heron 1 achieves full operational capability in ISAF mission. In recent years, unmanned aerial systems have been playing an increasingly important role in military operations worldwide. Many of the sensors used in modern network-enabled operations are mounted on UAVs or remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs); in addition, modern armed forces are using them more and more often as effector platforms. Under its SAATEG programme, which stands for “Systems zur Abbildenden Aufklarung in der Tiefe des Einsatzgebietes” or “Systems for imagery reconnaissance deep in the area of operations”, the Bundeswehr is cooperating closely with Rheinmetall Defence of Germany and its partner company Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI). The globally operating Israeli enterprise has over forty years’ experience in the international defence industry and some 17,000 employees. In total, IAI-made UAS products have already clocked on around 900,000 flight hours. Joint Rheinmetall and IAI projects now help to protect German and allied troops deployed in harm’s way in Afghanistan and elsewhere. (Source: ASD Network)

08 Jun 11. BAE Systems and Dassault Aviation could deliver a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft system in 2016 if Britain and France sign a joint development and production contract this year, company executives said June 8. The two companies could design and build in five years a new 8-ton, twin-propeller surveillance air vehicle with 24-hour endurance, Dassault international director Eric Trappier told journalists. BAE, the British aerospace giant, and Dassault, the French aircraft maker, unveiled the name of their joint UAV project, dubbed Telemos, for which a full-scale model will go on static display at the Paris Air Show, which opens June 20.
“We’re ready,” Trappier said. “If a contract were signed in 2011, we could deliver in 2016.”
The planned drone also would be designed to carry a range of bombs, such as the GBU and armement air-sol modulaire (AASM) precision weapons. The design teams would be staff members with combat aircraft experience at BAE and Dassault, and would vary between 50 to 100 personnel. Peter Richardson, BAE’s director of staff and technology, said that since money is tight, the UAV would be built under “a fully integrated program.” There would be flexibility for national requirements for mission systems and sensors, but the aim would be to “eliminate duplication,” he said. (Source: Defense News)

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