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Seven MoD staff members have recently attended a course on ‘Influencing with Integrity’, at a cost of £5,082. Six others attended a course on ‘Managing Your Confidence’, for £6,725. (Written Answer, 22 Apr 08.)

For those of you unlucky, like the Editor, to have been involved in the ‘Lost Baggage’ fiasco, don’t believe that ‘Express Baggage Services’ the Company contracted by BA to return lost baggage will live up to its name! Enough said, a week later! Express Baggage is a subsidiary of John Menzies Plc., the Scottish Company who used to own Newsagents across Scotland). BATTLESPACE is amused by their Corporate message on their web site: ‘John Menzies plc is one of Scotland’s largest companies. The company has two operating divisions, Menzies Aviation and Menzies Distribution. Both divisions operate in distinct B2B sectors where success depends on providing an efficient, high quality, time-critical service to their customers and partners.’ No one was available at their Head Office to answer my complaint!

New Scientist’s Feedback column reports that when Judy Castelino took a flight in a nine-seater plane from Invercargill to Stewart Island in New Zealand, she was relieved to read the notice stating: “The minimum flight crew is one pilot.” (Source: Transport News Brief)

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