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By Julian Nettlefold

At DSEi this year, you will be able to view, explore and experience more Naval features than ever before. There will be a variety of Visiting Vessels moored in the docklands at London ExCeL and there will be an increased number of Waterborne Demonstrations per day. In the Naval Static Vehicle Display you can see a range of Naval Vessels including UUVs in and out of the water at our specially made pontoon near the East Entrance.

Visiting Naval Ships

DSEi has been working closely with various nations in providing a variety of warships and research vessels to be available to visit at the show. On specially conducted tours key industry representatives can see the latest developments in naval ship design and equipment in its natural environment, demonstrated by experienced ship’s users and maintainers. Visits can be arranged through the Ships Visits Bureau at the event. Subject to operational requirements, Visiting Naval Ships expected at DSEi 2011 include:
FGS BRAUNSCHWEIG K130 Class Corvette

DSEi’s venue in London’s docklands provides an ideal setting for demonstrations by a diversity of vessels, including high speed craft for tackling piracy and terrorist threats, unmanned underwater vehicles and other underwater devices.

Netherlands Hydrographic Vessel

This is one of two recently build Hydrographic Survey Vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy. They have both civilian and military tasks, gathering data for nautical charts and Additional Military Layers (WECDIS). Ships can operate in a single crew mode or dual crew mode. In total there are three crews for two ships.

Naval Display Area

There will also be a Static Water Vehicle Park near the East Entrance. Visitors will be able to see latest maritime crafts and naval equipment, including UUVs in the water and on the dedicated display jetty.

Waterborne Demonstrations

A variety of scenarios will be played to demonstrate different technologies working together to solve complex situations. The focus of the demonstrations will be on the littoral environment, anti-piracy and anti-boarding systems, sonar diver detection and agility and capability demonstrations of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and Interceptor craft. The demonstrations are open to all visitors and exhibitors.

Systematic demonstrating the SitaWare

As part of the demonstration Systematic demonstrated the SitaWare Maritime Boarding system. The SitaWare Maritime Boarding system will be used throughout the demonstration to provide maximum tactical awareness for the boarding party and the command vessel, as well as collecting and recording evidence. A full commentary of what is happening will be given throughout. This high-action demonstration offers broadcast and print media an opportunity to get very close to a typical situation that the worlds Navies and commercial shipping lines face in high risk waters.

The boarding party demonstrated the full capabilities of the SitaWare Maritime Boarding system which, not only gives them full tactical awareness, but also data communications via Inmarsat with the command vessel and the ability to gather and record evidence.

Systematic’s SitaWare Maritime Boarding system is a backpack-based system, designed to provide maximum tactical awareness for both the boarding party and the command vessel.

The unique thing about the system is that it is provided in two waterproof containers that can be moved from ship to ship. SitaWare Maritime Boarding fully supports the work of the boarding teams at the tactical level and, first and foremost, secures the communications link between the Boarding Officer and the Commanding Officer of the command vessel.

The communications equipment is very small and provides more than sufficient bandwidth for transferring biometric data, a video link, secure messaging and C2 information – such as orders, reports

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