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Revision Military, long recognized as the industry leader in military protective eyewear, sets its sights on the head protection business with the introduction of its new Batlskin™ Head Protection System. The first fully integrated and fully modular solution of its kind, the Batlskin Head Protection System combines groundbreaking technology with new materials and innovative processes to deliver an all-new ballistic helmet shell, trauma liner, front mount, retention system, mandible guard and visor. The result is a single, fully integrated system that provides excellent protection from blunt force, blast and ballistic threats, with a lightweight wearability that allows peak performance. Alex Hooper, VP International Sales, explains the system, beginning with its foundation—the helmet shell.

“The technology for better performing, lighter weight helmet shells is here and it’s in Revision’s new Batlskin Helmet. Constructed of hybridized layers of new materials brought together using innovative new processes, the Batlskin Helmet provides a radical leap forward in increased ballistic performance at lower weights than what is currently available.”

This stronger, lighter shell is accompanied by the high-tech company’s take on the traditional helmet liner. “The Batlskin Impact Liner employs dual foam technology for superior fit, comfort and impact absorption,” explains Mr. Hooper. “Its multi-level pad design allows for breathability and cooling while optional shim pads afford a custom fit.” The liner integrates seamlessly with the Revision-developed helmet shell and ergonomic Retention System for the utmost stability, even with NVG use.

As for head borne devices, a soldier’s options abound. “The multi-purpose Front Mount is the hub of the Batlskin Head Protection System. It singlehandedly enables the attachment of capability enhancing devices such as the Visor and Mandible Muard; it also serves as a universal NVG mount,” says Mr. Hooper. The Batlskin high-threat Mandible Guard offers blunt force and fragmentation protection for the lower jaw in a durable, low-profile design while Revision’s three-position visor provides optimum high-impact protection, flawless optics and maximum field-of-view.

The product of years of research and development work, Revision introduces their Batlskin Head Protection system at a critical time where up to 30% of battlefield injuries are to the head, face and neck. As Alex Hooper put it, “The battle against head injuries is on. We’re proud to be leading the fight.”

Revision’s fully integrated, fully modular Batlskin Head Protection System accommodates Visor, Mandible and NVG use.

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