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15 Apr 11. Eurofighter Typhoon: Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Report. The PAC published (15 Apr 11) a Report on Management of the Typhoon Project. In the opinion of the PAC’s Chairman: “The history of the Typhoon fighter aircraft represents yet another example of over-optimism, bad planning and an unacceptably high bill for the taxpayer.”. Calculations in the Report show that the cost of each aircraft (to the UK) has risen from £72m to £126m.
Comment: The above PAC Report follows a National Audit Office (NAO) Report of the same title (published on 2 Mar 11 as HC 755). DNA 11/10 commented that the NAO Report could be used as the basis for a Staff College Exercise on ‘How Not to Procure Aeroplanes’: the PAC Report only produces additional evidence for such a venture. The PAC Report (HC 860 for £14:50) is published with a record of evidence, a list of Senior Responsible Owners for Major Projects and the Typhoon Project History from 1 Dec 83 to 15 Dec 10. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/16, 18 Apr 11)

30 Mar 11. Nimrod R1: Extension in Service. The Defence Secretary confirmed (30 Mar 11) that one (of the two remaining) Nimrod R1 aircraft is being kept in the region of Libya “for up to three months”. This was said to be a “pragmatic decision”.
Comment: On 14 Mar 11, the Defence Secretary declined to confirm whether Nimrod R1 was/were to remain in service beyond 31 Mar 11, although “we could have a temporary extension”. The MoD still intends to buy three Rivet Joint, although the aircraft are not expected to enter service until 2014. Meanwhile, RAF crews are training and deploying on US Air Force Rivet Joint. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/16, 18 Apr 11)

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