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21 Jun 10. Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR): Debate. The House of Commons debated the SDSR on 21 Jun 10. The Defence Secretary stressed that: “We will have to bring Defence policy, plans, commitments and resources into balance….”. As already announced, the MoD is to be reorganised into three pillars: Strategy & Policy; Armed Forces and Procurement & Estates. The Defence Secretary intends to announce all the procurement programmes which are to proceed when the SDSR is complete. The MoD is “to ensure, and consequently fund, a Defence Diplomacy programme in the SDSR that can make an important contribution to our global influence”.
Comment: The Debate is reported in Hansard for 21 Jun 10, starting at Column 52. The Defence Secretary has indicated that the Defence section of the SDSR is to report in the Autumn, to coincide with the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review (Item 1). Meanwhile, the future of the £6,000m Search and Rescue – Helicopter (SAR-H) programme is being reviewed. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/25, 28 June 09)

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