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12 Mar 12. The Central Florida chapter of the Air Force Association (AFA) has designated Northrop Grumman Corporation a Jimmy Doolittle Educational Fellow, recognizing the company for its pioneering work in the field of precision navigation. The Jimmy Doolittle Educational Fellowship honors the late Gen. Jimmy Doolittle who actively promoted public understanding and support for aerospace power. Being named a Doolittle Fellow honors the many men and women who have supported the U.S. Air Force and the AFA from their inception. Elizabeth Iversen, sector vice president and general manager of Northrop Grumman’s Navigation Systems Division, accepted the award on behalf of the company at the Air Force Gala banquet in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 24.
“Northrop Grumman is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in precision navigation,” said Iversen. “We find greater meaning in our work knowing that our products contribute to national security, and not only help war fighters reach their destinations, but also bring them safely home.”
Northrop Grumman specializes in the development of inertial navigation systems and inertial sensor technologies, including fiber-optic gyroscopes, ring laser gyros and the unique hemispherical resonator gyro, for domestic and international defense and commercial markets. The company also develops situational awareness systems, including integrated avionics systems for rotary- and fixed-wing platforms.

13 Mar 12. Paralympic dreams now within reach for wounded hero. Wounded Hero Mick Brennan (33) received a state-of the-art sit-ski at the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre, Tedworth House in Tidworth, Wiltshire. The high tech sit-ski means Mick is a now step closer to representing Britain in the 2014 Winter Paralympics. In November 2004, Mick was serving with the Royal Signals when he lost both his legs and suffered brain injury in a suicide bomb attack in Iraq. But since he first got on skis in 2008, he’s been going from strength to strength. Mick recently placed 3rd at the Austrian National Championships and only a week later went on to win his first international race at the Italian National Champions. As a result, he is fast becoming one of the country’s top disabled skiers. Now Mick can ensure he reaches his full potential after a joint effort from Help for Heroes, Supacat, the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team and NP Aerospace to provide him with the highest spec equipment. Mick’s new rig is an off the shelf Nissin item purchased by Help for Heroes. This has then been adapted and re-engineered by Supacat, designers of the acclaimed Jackal vehicle, who have developed a custom built state of the art suspension system and conducted the systems integration. NP Aerospace, who manufacture the UK’s composite helmets and body armour, have manufactured a custom fitted composite seat. The complete system will give Mick the performance and confidence he needs to push his results to the next level. Mick cannot wait to put his new sit-ski through its paces later this week as he hits the slopes visiting a Battle Back ski course before a further training camp in Austria. Battle Back is a Military initiative supported by Help for Heroes, which uses Adaptive Adventure Training and Sports Rehabilitation to help seriously wounded Service personnel gain confidence and return to an active life.

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