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13 Oct 11. In July, the French air force and Naval aviation began operational deployment of the infrared terminal guidance version (SBU-64) of the Hammer IR AASM modular air-to-ground weapon. Developed and produced by Sagem (Safran group), with French defense procurement agency DGA acting as program manager, the Hammer AASM is a family of air-to-ground weapons, comprising a guidance kit and range augmentation kit fitted to standard bombs. This makes the AASM a high-precision guided weapon with a range exceeding 60 kilometers. The AASM IR version features a guidance kit with an infrared imager in the nose cone, along with the standard hybrid GPS / inertial guidance systems. Following the initial deployment of the Hammer AASM, the French air force and navy carried out the first firing tests of this version of the AASM under combat
conditions, all successful. Adding infrared terminal guidance to the standard hybrid GPS/inertial version of the AASM, the Hammer IR proved to be particularly well suited to precision strikes against targets with uncertain coordinates, offering impact accuracy to within a few meters, even when GPS signals were unavailable. Missions are planned using Sagem’s own SLPRM mission planning and restitution system, already in service with the French air force and Navy. The AASM has already been deployed in foreign theaters of operation, demonstrating its reliability and accuracy, including for long-range missions. Actual operations have shown that it limits collateral damage, and is able to handle high-value targets, previously reserved to cruise missiles, while also neutralizing enemy air defenses from safe standoff distance. The GPS / inertial version of the AASM guided weapon, with 250 kg bombs, has been in service with the French air force since 2008, and with the French naval aviation since 2010.

17 Oct 11. DSM Dyneema has announced the global introduction of a new innovative light weight ballistic material for use in Law Enforcement and Military protective vests. High performance Dyneema® SB71, a unidirectional (UD) grade made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber from DSM Dyneema, was specifically designed and developed for use in ballistic vests certified under NIJ0101.06. Vests made with SB71 combine lowest possible weight with the highest protection performance. The new material advances the protection level achievable with Soft Ballistic (SB) armor by building on a new technology platform first established with Dyneema® SB51 from DSM Dyneema in 2010. SB71 facilitates protective concepts for the lightest, most comfortable and most demanding vest applications in the range of UD grades available from DSM Dyneema. It is suited for vest designs that meet the NIJ06 standard as well as other law enforcement and military standards, Dyneema® SB71 can also be combined with trauma liners and stab resistance solutions in vests designed to meet various international standards. Furthermore, it can be used both in tactical and concealed vest designs. It also enables vests to be designed with low Back Face Signature while remaining thin, light and comfortable. The SB71 UD grade further expands DSM Dyneema’s already strong portfolio of products based on Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, and builds on the success already achieved in this market with its UD grades SB51, SB31 and SB21. SB71, which can be used to design vests meeting NIJ06 specification, has been developed in close cooperation with body armor manufacturers. The new grade has high durability and resistance to moisture, UV rays and chemicals, characteristics inherent to UHMWPE fiber from DSM Dyneema. Moreover, vests can be easily upgraded to protect against heavier ri?e ?re using class-leading inserts made with Dyneema®. During development, the material was extensively tested by several global customers and end-users against a wide range of threats and environmental conditions and passed all stringent tests, outperforming

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