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23 Sep 11. DEP Imaging unveils NVG add-on. DEP Imaging of Switzerland and Thermoteknix Systems of the UK announced a formal worldwide marketing and distribution agreement for the latter’s ClipIR clip-on thermal imager at the DSEi. Under its terms, Thermoteknix retains marketing rights to Canada and the UK, with DEP Imaging becoming the exclusive distributor to the rest of the world (apart from the United States, where it is not available for sale). (Source: Jane’s, IDR)

29 Sep 11. Rafael expands Trophy family. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel has realigned its Trophy family of hard-kill active protection systems (APSs) into three groups – Heavy Vehicle (HV), Medium Vehicle (MV) and the newly developed Light Vehicle (LV). The Trophy LV is designed for installation on much lighter chassis than those of its siblings, such as the US HMMWV, but uses the same operating principles. (Source: Jane’s, IDR)

21 Sep 11. Thales delivers 10,000th NLAW. The Thales manufacturing site in Belfast recently delivered the 10,000th Saab Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) and production is continuing according to plan. NLAW – which was designed to meet the requirements from customers such as the UK, Sweden and Finland – is a lightweight ‘fire and forget’ top-attack missile system that gives the soldier the capability of knocking out main battle tanks with a single shot. (Source: Jane’s, JMR)

07 Oct 11. Ceradyne, Inc. in conjunction with Wilcox Industries Corp. showed a new concept, next generation Combat Helmet utilizing Ceradyne’s advanced Seamless BallisticR technology at AUSA. The prototype helmet, called “MOdular HArd Wired Kitted (MOHAWK) Boltless Combat Helmet” (Patent Pending) was developed in a joint effort between Ceradyne Diaphorm and Wilcox Industries Corp. The MOHAWK Boltless Combat Helmet is based on a boltless retention system design with minimal inside surface obstruction. The helmet is further enhanced with a multi-conductor central modular bus bar system integrated into the helmet shell with multiple universal mounting points to attach any combination of powered helmet accessories. This also eliminates the need to utilize a ballistic bolt to attach Night Vision Goggles (NVG) to a combat helmet. The simple and cost-effective design offers a lightweight helmet solution by combining power sources and eliminating battery packs for each device. Also included is a simplified, lighter NVG attachment using redesigned molded edge trim with no shell holes for the NVG attachment. (Source: ASD Network)

04 Oct 11. Armor plate processor MTL Group (UK) showcased their new add on armor branded IMPAS LITE and IMPAS ADVANCE at AUSA. IMPAS which stands for Interchangeable Modular Perforated Armor System is a cost effective alternative light weight solutionto composite and ceramic add on armor with greater flexibility and better multi-hit capabilities. Defence Sales Manager Simon Hurst said: “IMPAS is an innovative state of the art product which is suitable for both RHA and aluminum hulls. One of the key benefits is that the solution is a low cost lightweight armor that can be rapidly fitted to any vehicle platform. We have identified the USA as a key market in which MTL Group can provide a high quality vehicle protection system at affordable prices” IMPAS LITE AND IMPAS ADVANCE offer an effective alternative lightweight solution to composites ceramics for Stanag Level 1, 2 and 3 protections. IMPAS has been used for many international military upgrade programmes including the M577 and Ridgeback. MTL Group showcased its Design for Manufacture (DFM) service. An example of this can be seen on a blast floor which is displayed at AUSA and has been manufactured in one piece using the world’s largest robotic press. “DFM is a service MTL Group offer where we work with customers to identify the 3 core objectives which are lower weight, lower manufacturing cost and improved protection.” Hurst said. MTL Group is a global suppli

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