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01 Sep 11. Setpoint Ammunition, a company recently launched by Setpoint Systems Inc., announced the opening of their custom precision ammunition ordering system and manufacturing facility. Previously this level of customization, of precision ammunition could only be achieved by hand-loading cartridges, which can be tedious, complicated and expensive. Setpoint’s website allows the customer to create their recipe and order customized ammo in a quantity as small as one box, allowing gradual tuning adjustments within the cartridge/firearm performance matrix. The automated system builds the cartridges to the recipe on a manufacturing line that was designed and built by Setpoint Systems.
Setpoint Systems has developed innovative manufacturing equipment in a variety of industries, including pyrotechnics and ammunition manufacturing systems. Setpoint Ammunition’s initial offering is limited to the popular long-range standard 7.62×51/.308 WIN cartridge. Additional cartridge selections are expected to be announced in the near future. Orders can be placed at www.setpointammo.com.

01 Sep 11. Aerojet accomplished several key developmental milestones on its Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Blk IB Throttleable Divert and Attitude Control System (TDACS) by completing a series of full-up system performance tests. SM-3 is being developed as part of the Missile Defense Agency’s sea-based Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System. The missiles are being deployed on Aegis cruisers and destroyers to defend against short-to-intermediate range ballistic missile threats in the mid-course phase of flight. Raytheon is the prime contractor for the development of SM-3. The successful ground static testing advances SM-3 Blk IB TDACS toward full qualification. It highlights Aerojet’s leading role in providing reliable propulsion solutions for both the Missile Defense Agency and U.S. Navy missions. (Source: ASD Network)

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