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18 May 11. Qioptiq will launch of 3 more members of the Dragon family at the Soldier Technology Conference in London. Dragon SR (Short Range), Dragon MR (Medium Range) and Dragon S (Sniper). These will satisfy the varying requirements of the modern warfighter by providing the most appropriate size, weight & power combination. DRAGON SR, DRAGON MR and DRAGON S can be adapted for use on a variety of weapons mounting to either a Picatinny or NATO rail. DRAGON delivers a capability to detect man and vehicle targets 24 hours a day, even in poor visibility, in total darkness and through battlefield obscurants. All offer Low power, high performance in a Ruggedised military design utilising the latest in uncooled thermal camera, electronics and optical technologies to deliver world leading performance and reliability. POINTER is another development launched in 2011. This is a Weapon Cueing System, first shown at the 2009 Owning The Night event, which operates like a Head Up Display for weapon systems, handing off targets from Observation Posts and other positions to those who are best placed to deal with it. The mapping interface at the base station location means the target information can be easily assimilated dramatically reducing response times and increasing operational tempo. POINTER was developed in close collaboration with Qioptiq, QinetiQ and Istec. Current projects and advancements in technologies offer some exciting developments such as Image Fusion and Wavefront coding. Wavefront coding combines novel optical design with digital electronics processing. Such techniques enable sensors to be developed with improved performance, mass, size and cost, enhanced depth-of-focus and can remove the need for a focus mechanism. It can also provide other advantages, such as reduced number of lens elements and improved performance over an extended temperature range. Multisensor Image fusion is the process of combining pertinent information from two or more images into a single image. The resulting image will be more informative than any of the single input images currently available. The sensor fusion debate is now moving forward and Qioptiq are engaged in a number of projects and developments aimed at bringing Fused Sighting Solutions to the Dismounted Close Combat User. Qioptiq have already delivered prototypes and pre production units for testing & trials. Over the next 12 months Qioptiq will be integrating with Users to understand the tradeoffs, MMI (Man Machine Interface) and training burden to ensure that the right balance is struck and as with all capability developments, the aim is now to refine the system to provide the best solution whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity and technology overload.

21 May 11. A Malaysian National Aerospace & Defence Industries (NADI) subsidiary company has been mandated to cooperate with Asean countries to produce the Colt M4 carbine assault rifle. Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the company will cooperate with Colt Defence LLC, the manufacturer of M4 that will replace the M16 rifle. The Asean Defence Industries Collaboration (ADIC) to develop the region’s defence industry was proposed at the Asean Defence Ministers Meeting (ADMM) in Jakarta recently.
“We start with Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia as the countries already have a defence industry,” he said when opening Dungun Umno division delegates meeting here.
Zahid said the RM700mil contract involves technology development where 85 percent of M4 components will be produced by local companies.
“Only the main technology and equipment come from United States. Colt also gave us the right to sell M4 to Asean countries. (Source: Google/Bernama)

20 May 11. MBDA’s PARS 3 LR successfully tested on German Tiger. Three firings, three hits! This is the impressive score of the test firing exercise conducted with the PARS 3 LR guided antitank missile system. For the first time, the test firings with warheads were carried out us

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