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24 Feb 10. Miller-Holzwarth Inc. the Ohio, USA, armour specialists, showed its new TekSheild-based transparent armour built under licence from Lockheed Martin at AUSA. This version of TekShield is based on a laminated array of prismatic elements joined by a shock isolating layer. Transparent TekShield provides efficient, lightweight ballistic protection with improved visibility after projectile strike. TekShield reduces the weight of armoured windows but maintains comparable cost and performance standards. The Editor saw details of shot and non-shot samples and the results were better than any seen previously. The weight of these samples was a great deal less than existing products. Combining this version of TekShield with the non-transparent version tested last year by Hobson Industries will give better protection but at much reduced weight and comparable costs.

24 Feb 10. Manroy USA showed details of its 7.62mm GPMG compact machine gun which is a modified version of current GPMGs. The overall length is reduced to allow easy entry and exit form vehicles, helicopters and other confined spaces. Other features include: folding butt, Picatinny Rails fitted under and to the side of the gas cylinder and integral with the feed cover, extending leg bipod which will fold forward and backward and is attached via one of the Picatinny Rails. Specifications: Overall length: 1,100mm; Overall length (folded butt): 906mm; Length of barrel: 489mm; weight of gun: 11kg (24lbs); weight of barrel: 2.6kg (5.7lbs); operation: gas pressure; rate of fire: 650/1000rpm; rifling: 4 grooves, RH pitch 1 in 305mm; iron sights: 200 to 1800 metres. Manroy CEO Glyn Bottomley told BATTLESPACE that the Comapny will be offering the GPMG for the MoD’s upcoming requirement. Manroy USA is a subsidiary of manroy in the U.K. and has recently established a facility in Huntsville, Al.

01 Mar 10. The Lockheed Martin led team developing the Orion crew exploration vehicle achieved a major technology milestone by completing fabrication of the world’s largest heat shield structure. The shield is five meters (16.4 feet) in diameter and is critical to the protection of the spacecraft and its crew from the extreme temperatures experienced during re-entry. The work was completed at Lockheed Martin’s composite development facility in Denver, Colo. The crew exploration vehicle is at the height of its development phase, which has spurred several new technologies and innovations such as a cutting edge high-temperature composite material system. The new system was developed by the Lockheed Martin Orion thermal protection system team in partnership with TenCate Advanced Composites.

19 Feb 10. Rheinmetall unveils RGM to meet Indian air defence requirements. Rheinmetall Air Defence unveiled a prototype of a new mobile version of the Oerlikon 35 mm revolver gun mount (RGM) – optimised to meet potential Indian low-level air defence requirements – at Defexpo in New Delhi, which was held from 15-18 February. The weapon system is carried by an 8×8 Tata forward control chassis and mounted on a pallet, which can be quickly removed if required by the tactical situation. (Source: Jane’s, JDW)

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