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17 Dec 10. BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold will be at the Shot Show, Las Vegas. Contact: +44 (0) 77689 54766.

03 Jan 11. Lockheed Martin has successfully completed a comprehensive series of tests to demonstrate the flight characteristics of the U.S. Navy’s F/A-18E/F while carrying the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM). The flying qualities test series consisted of six flights from Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD, between October 5 and November 2 with a total flying time of 11.2 hours. The aircraft flew at altitudes ranging from 5,000 feet to 35,000 feet and at speeds approaching Mach 1.0. During each flight, the Super Hornet was refueled in the air by a support tanker to enable the aircraft to reach all the required speeds and altitudes at which JAGM had to be tested. The JAGM test articles were six instrumented measurement vehicles (IMVs) equivalent in weight, size and dimensions to tactical JAGM rounds and outfitted with resistive temperature devices, acoustic sensors and accelerometers to measure the flight environments experienced by the launchers and the missiles. Three IMVs were loaded onto each of two new Navy fixed-wing triple-rail launchers designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin and Marvin Engineering to carry JAGM on the F/A-18E/F. Fully outfitted, the Super Hornet could be configured to carry 18 JAGMs, as opposed to just four of the Maverick air-to-ground missiles that JAGM will replace.

22 Dec 10. Revision introduced a completely redesigned Sawfly Military Eyewear System. The new Sawfly Eyewear features a redesigned frame, communications compatible arms, new comfort nosepiece, an extended lens and new retention system. The result is a superior eye protection product that provides optimal comfort, fit and equipment compatibility without compromising ballistic performance, optics or durability. The system’s multiple changes provide significant gains for the end user. The Sawfly Eyewear’s redesigned frame not only features an aggressive new look but it facilitates improved lens changing with the new quick-change lens system. The new comms compatible arms are leaner and longer for the utmost comfort, equipment compatibility and retention ~ their over-moulded undercarriage provides shock absorption and grip while their thinner profile ensures that hearing protection works as designed. The eyewear’s new comfort nosepiece has been re-engineered for enhanced comfort, retention and durability; it features a softer durometer nose pad which provides added grip and cushioning. The Sawfly’s new extended lens provides greater lateral lens coverage for full side-impact protection, without compromising airflow and anti-fog performance. Finally, the system’s new secure-snap retention band clips firmly into the frame, keeping eyewear in place, even during high activity missions.

04 Jan 11. The U.S. military is fielding new mine roller technology expected to provide even more protection from improvised explosive devices. The new roller, called the Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit System II, is a part of an integrated family of equipment that allows servicemembers to adapt to changing IED threats. The job of the SPARKS II is to attach to the front of vehicles and detonate roadside bombs before they have a chance to harm servicemembers riding in the cab. This is the same job as other mine rollers, but SPARKS II gives service members more options to protect themselves. The driver has the ability to make on-the-spot changes to how the new roller operates from inside the vehicle. They can manipulate a variety of settings and change how SPARKS II interacts with the environment within moments. One of the most useful features of the new system is the ability to change distance from the vehicle to the roller, which can also be done without having to leave the vehicle, said Tilford Briscoe, site manager for R4 Inc., the company in charge of fielding SPARKS II.
“It keeps the enemy guessing,” said Briscoe. “With

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