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Jun 10. Goodrich Corporation has successfully completed design proving of its miniaturized developmental inertial measurement unit (IMU) known as MinIM and is working towards low rate initial production (LRIP) later this year. This developmental IMU will offer similar performance levels to the Company’s established production MEMS IMUs at one quarter the size and weight – or approximately 1 cubic inch in volume. MinIM uses the latest capacitive rather than traditional inductive technology, keeping production costs low and this size and cost combination is opening up a whole range of entirely new markets to the benefits of reliable, rugged navigation and guidance. Discussions with a variety of potential customers indicate that MinIM could solve some pressing needs in the defence market, bringing effective navigation and guidance to a huge range of potential applications that, in many instances, have not been viable for current IMU technology. The primary focus for MinIM is to answer the need for effective guidance of smaller guided munitions and projectiles, creating smaller smarter weapons that offer increased precision and reduced collateral damage. Other potential markets include the control of smaller unmanned aircraft and air launched systems and the creation of operational troop navigation and tracking systems. Goodrich is the market leader in inertial sensors and sensor systems, both traditional spinning wheel gyros and solid state MEMS sensors. Over 20,000 Goodrich MEMS devices have been delivered, including gun hard IMU’s, and these are in use today on platforms such as RAM, Seawolf, APKWS, NLAW and Excalibur. In addition, more than 5 million spinning wheel based products have been delivered worldwide to a huge range of customers and applications.

Jun 10. CONTROP unveils new EO/IR systems at Eurosatory.
CONTROP is launching the new SPEED-V – a lightweight (24kg) EO/IR gyro-stabilized system which was specially designed for ground vehicles using tall mast mounting. The SPEED-V provides long range observation capabilities from mobile vehicles for intelligence gathering purposes, as well as a panoramic scanning for intruder detection and troop protection. The state-of-the-art SPEED-V combines capabilities, technologies and expertise gained from CONTROP’s SPIDER Systems and the lightweight SPEED-A Aerostat Camera System, making the SPEED-V the optimal lightweight, high performance stabilized EO/IR camera system for mounting on vehicle masts for long range mobile applications. Applications for the SPEED-V include mobile security missions, mobile coastal and border surveillance, ground troops security, force protection and more.
CONTROP’s new gyro stabilized L-VIEW Compact Land (Vehicle) Commander Sight System has successfully completed a strict evaluation and field test for a very demanding customer mounted on Armoured Combat Vehicles. The L-VIEW was designed to answer a unique field requirement as an aide to the commander and crew of light armoured vehicles. The gyro stabilized L-VIEW enables observation while driving on dirt roads, so that the commander can have complete control of the surrounding area in panoramic view, which increases the mobile safety of the troops and provides security of access during movement. Furthermore, the system enables efficiency during fire engagements so that the commander can continue to select new targets while the gunner is engaged in the current conflict. Other applications of the L-VIEW include observation, navigation, driving, situational awareness and force protection while providing real-time video onboard a variety of different land vehicles. A new version, the T-VIEW, will be displayed at Eurosatory 2010, which includes two cameras- an Uncooled IR Camera with Continuous Zoom Lens and a Daytime CCD Camera.
CONTROP’s new SPIDER LR Long Range has been supplied to another customer in Asia for long range missions. This Very L

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