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10 May 10. Qioptiq showed its comprehensive range of military products at SOFEX. In 2010 Qioptiq revamped its corporate image with a new logo and message that Qioptiq is now a one stop shop international centre of excellence for optical solutions.
“With an enviable reputation and comprehensive operating facilities in eleven countries, Qioptiq is well placed to deliver when it comes to the design, development, manufacture and support of advanced optics equipment. With new facilities coming on line and ongoing investment in people, equipment, products and technology Qioptiq truly is a one stop shop for world class optical requirements. ” Alan Jensen, Sales & Marketing Manager, land Systems Group, told the Editor.
Current sales of Image Intensified based weapon and surveillance sights total 60,000 units and sales of Uncooled Thermal Imaging based sights are increasing with firm orders expected to take this to 12,000+ over the next few years. Qioptiq has supplied 20,000 Image Intensified and 6000 Thermal Weaponsights to UK MoD including the S-Vipir2+ Thermal Sniper Sight attachment for deployment on the Accuracy International .338 AW Sniper Rifle. This combination has greatly increased the 24 hour capability of UK Sniper teams on current combat operations. Many other NATO forces have taken advantage of the proven capability of Qioptiq products and are benefitting from the low power and high reliability that
Below we give an outline of current Qioptiq Products.
Sniper Thermal Imaging Capability (STIC)
Qioptiq’s SVIPIR2+ Thermal Sniper Sight is adapted from the VIPIR2+ long-range thermal weapon sight already in service with UK MoD on a number of platforms. Modified specifically to integrate with existing In-service sniper rifle systems, the SVIPIR2+ provides enhanced range performance under demanding conditions, allowing weapon systems to be utilised to their maximum effective ranges 24 hours a day during all weathers. The STIC system will provide thermal capability to the Sniper Team, in the form of the Thermal Sniper Sight, Thermal Spotters Sight, and Weapon Integration Kit
The STIC system (SVIPIR2+ / VIPIR2S+) will be deployed alongside other variants already in service and be supported within the overarching CASE (Contracting for Availability of STANO Equipment) support contract in place for the wide range of STANO equipment currently deployed.
Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST)
Qioptiq will supply the following equipment and services under the first increment of the FIST STA programme.
FIST Thermal Sight (FTS) – Qty 4,111
The FTS is a high performance un-cooled Thermal Weapon Sight that provides the User with 24hr target detection, acquisition & engagement capabilities out to extended ranges. The FTS is equipped with a 640×480 format un-cooled thermal core, and is powered from AA batteries. Tailored specifically to meet the FIST requirements, the FTS provides enhanced MMI, an integrated Infra Red Laser Aimer (IRLA) for enhanced target identification, along with an integrated Close Quarter Battlesight (CQB) red dot sight (supplied by Shield in the UK) in order to provide the User with a rapid target engagement capability for close range engagements under all light conditions. Conversion of existing CWS & MAXIKITE2 to meet FIST Requirements (CMC) – Qty 4,176
Under the CWS & MAXIKITE2 Conversion (CMC) programme, Qioptiq will adapt existing in-service CWS and MAXIKITE2 Image Intensified Weapon Sights in line with FIST Requirements. Enhancements will include the integration of a Close Quarter Battlesight (CQB) red dot sight (supplied by Shield in the UK) in order to provide the User with a rapid target engagement capability for close range engagements under all light conditions.
VIPIR-2 Thermal Weapon Sight Family
In February 2009 Qioptiq Ltd supplied a variant of its VIPIR-2 Thermal Weapon Sight Family to the UK MoD in support of the recent Synergistic Individual Surveillance & Target Acquisition (SISTA)

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