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Force Protection Europe (FPE) was established in 2009 to provide a UK-based vehicle support organisation for the world renowned Cougar vehicles (Mastiff, Ridgback and Wolfhound). Over 700 of these vehicles are in service with the UK MoD and continue to save heroes’ lives. Since its formation, FPE has developed a revolutionary light protected patrol vehicle, Ocelot. In 2010, Ocelot was awarded the contract for the UK’s Light Protected Patrol Vehicle Programme and named Foxhound by the MoD. It is the best protected vehicle for its weight and size available today. Patrol, utility load bed and weapons pods offer Ocelot flexibility and fleet coherence.


18 Jun 11. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. A Private from 3rd Bn The Mercian Regiment was killed in a fire fight in the Upper Gereshk Valley on 18 Jun 11. UK deaths since the start of Operations on 7 Oct 01 thus rose to 374, of whom 330 were killed as a result of hostile action. (MoD, 18 Jun 11.)
Two Squadrons from the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, together with men from the Afghan National Army, are providing security along Highway 1 in Helmand. (MoD, 22 Jun 11.)
The Foreign Secretary visited Afghanistan with the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates from 21 to 23 Jun 11. (FCO, 22 Jun 11 & MoD, 24 Jun 11.)
British troops from 45 Commando, Royal Marines, 1st Bn The Rifles and others helped to locate an improvised explosive device factory in a Helmand compound. (MoD, 22 Jun 11.)
The Prime Minister and the Chief of the Defence Staff welcomed the announcement that the US will be withdrawing 10,000 troops from Afghanistan in 2011 and a further 23,000 by the end of September 2012.
(MoD, 23 Jun 11.)
Female Engagement Teams (FET), drawn from across the Armed Forces, are working with 45 Commando and with 2nd Bn The Royal Gurkha Rifles. (MoD, 24 Jun 11.)
Tornados from 617 Squadron RAF and 39 Squadron Reapers supported ground troops on OP OMID HAFT to rid the area around Nahr-e Saraj of insurgents. (RAF, 24 Jun 11.)
Comment: The Foreign Secretary updated Parliament (22 Jun 11) on progress in Afghanistan during May 2011. The full May progress report and previous monthly reports to Parliament can be found on the FCO website.
For an insight into the Afghan campaign, the recently released book by the UK’s former Ambassador is strongly recommended. ‘Cables from Kabul’ by Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles KCMG LVO (ISBN HB 978-0-00-743201-1) has a cover price of £25:00, but is usually discounted to £20:00.
(Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/25, 27 Jun 11)

19 Jun 11. Libya: OP ELLAMY. “….there may have been a weapons system failure which may have caused a number of civilian casualties.” (NATO, 19 Jun 11.) “No UK forces were operating in the vicinity at the time of the incident.” (MoD, 20 Jun 11.)
The Commander-in-Chief (Air) warned that the ability of the RAF to deal with unforeseen emergencies would be rapidly eroded if the campaign went beyond September 2011. (Daily Telegraph, 20 Jun 11.)
HMS TURBULENT left the area for an extended tour East of Suez while HMS TRIUMPH returned to Devonport. (RN, 20 Jun 11.)
HMS BROCKLESBY left for Malta, where she will be relieved by HMS BANGOR. (RN, 20 Jun 11.)
The Chief of the Defence Staff hosted a meeting of 15 NATO and Partner Nations’ military heads; to co-ordinate their contribution to OP UNIFIED PROTECTOR. (MoD, 21 Jun 11.)
Between 19 Mar and 14 Jun 11, UK aircraft flew about 200 sorties which have involved the discharge of bombs or missiles against targets in Libya. (Written Answer (WA), 21 Jun 11.)
The current estimate of the net additional costs of UK military operations for six months is in the region of £120m. The cost of replenishing munitions may be up to £140m. (Defence Secretary, 23 Jun 11.)
RN, Army Air Corps and RAF Operations have so far damaged or

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