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Force Protection Europe (FPE) was established in 2009 to provide a UK-based vehicle support organisation for the world renowned Cougar vehicles (Mastiff, Ridgback and Wolfhound). Over 700 of these vehicles are in service with the UK MoD and continue to save heroes’ lives. Since its formation, FPE has developed a revolutionary light protected patrol vehicle, Ocelot. In 2010, Ocelot was awarded the contract for the UK’s Light Protected Patrol Vehicle Programme and named Foxhound by the MoD. It is the best protected vehicle for its weight and size available today. Patrol, utility load bed and weapons pods offer Ocelot flexibility and fleet coherence.


06 Jun 11. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. A Lance Corporal from 42 Commando, Royal Marines, was killed by small arms fire in the area of Adensee on 5 Jun 11. A Rifleman from 1st Bn The Rifles was killed by an improvised explosive device in the Nahr-e Saraj District on 5 Jun 11. UK deaths since the start of Operations on 7 Oct 01 thus rose to 371, of whom 327 were killed as a result of hostile action. (MoD, 5 Jun 11.)
The Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) visited Royal Marines and 12 Estonian Company at a Patrol Base in Helmand. (MoD, 6 Jun 11.)
Control of Checkpoint Shingul passed from 2nd Bn The Royal Gurkha Rifles to the Afghan Uniformed Police. (MoD, 7 Jun 11.)
RAF Air Traffic Controllers at Camp Bastion have moved into a new control tower. The Airfield is now handling some 14,500 aircraft movements every month. (MoD, 8 Jun 11.)
Approximately 200 staff from the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps are currently augmenting the ISAF Joint Command Staff and are to continue to do so until January 2012. There are 1,500 staff at ISAF Headquarters. (MoD, 10 Jun 11.)
Comment: NATO and ISAF Defence Ministers met in Brussels on 8/9 Jun 11. The NATO Secretary General said that he was “confident that we can complete our handover of security to the Afghans by the end of 2014.”. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/23, 13 Jun 11)

07 Jun 11. Libya: OP ELLAMY. The gross book value, inclusive of VAT, of precision guided weapons fired in support of OP ELLAMY between 19 Mar and 8 May 11 was around £6m per week. Aviation fuel costs around £300,000 per week. The MoD is planning to replenish stocks of the Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone missiles used in the Operation. (Written Answer (WA), 7 Jun 11.)
HMS BANGOR left Faslane (6 Jun 11) in order to relieve HMS BROCKLESBY in the Mediterranean. The UK has been asked by NATO to keep one mine countermeasures vessel on station in the area. (MoD, 7 Jun 11.)
The UK has deployed military advisers to monitor the National Transitional Council. The French and Italian Governments have also deployed military advisers to Libya. (WA, 8 Jun 11.)
RAF aircraft were in action again on 9 Jun 11, with Tornado and Typhoon destroying four main battle tanks near Zlitan. Other aircraft, including VC10 and TriStar tankers with Sentinel, E-3D Sentry and Nimrod R1 surveillance platforms continue to provide support. RN, AAC and RAF aircraft have successfully attacked over 430 targets since the start of military Operations. (MoD, 10 Jun 11.)
RAF aircraft destroyed a further four main battle tanks on 10 Jun 11, near Al Aziziyah. (MoD, 11 Jun 11.)
Comment: During the NATO Defence Ministers’ meeting in Brussels (8 Jun 11), the Defence Secretary drew attention to the “progress” being made in Libya. However, Dr Fox’s remarks were somewhat overshadowed by the remarks of the departing US Defense Secretary. Mr Gates’ condemnation of five European NATO members was described as being “very blunt”. Many commentators have drawn attention to NATO becoming a ‘two-tier’ organisation. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/23, 13 Jun 11)

13 Jun 11. Some of the MOD’s most expens

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