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Force Protection Europe (FPE) was established in 2009 to provide a UK-based vehicle support organisation for the world renowned Cougar vehicles (Mastiff, Ridgback and Wolfhound). Over 700 of these vehicles are in service with the UK MoD and continue to save heroes’ lives. Since its formation, FPE has developed a revolutionary light protected patrol vehicle, Ocelot. In 2010, Ocelot was awarded the contract for the UK’s Light Protected Patrol Vehicle Programme and named Foxhound by the MoD. It is the best protected vehicle for its weight and size available today. Patrol, utility load bed and weapons pods offer Ocelot flexibility and fleet coherence.


04 Jun 11. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. A soldier from 4th Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland was killed by insurgents in the Lashkar Gah District on 3 Jun 11. UK deaths since the start of Operations on 7 Oct 01 thus rose to 369, of whom 325 were killed as a result of hostile action. (MoD, 4 Jun 11.)
From 1 Jan 06 to 15 May 11, 1,678 personnel were Wounded in Action and 4,608 were aeromedically evacuated. From 1 to 15 May 11 the figures were eight and 47. (DASA, 1 Jun 11.)
British forces supported Afghan soldiers in carrying out a major Operation (OP OMID HAFT) to clear insurgents from areas of Nahr-e Saraj. Planning for the Operation began “several weeks ago”. (MoD, 31 May 11.)
The Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF) assisted Afghan forces with an Operation in the Zumbalay area which resulted in a substantial weapons find. The BRF includes personnel from the Royal Marines, the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, the Royal Artillery, the Royal Engineers and other specialist units. (MoD, 31 May 11.)
A new Estonian Company arrived in Camp Bastion for the 11th Estonian rotation (ESTCOY-11 becoming ESTCOY-12). ESTCOY-12 has taken over responsibility for Patrol Base Wahid, with the logistics element remaining in Camp Bastion. (MoD, 1 Jun 11.)
Around 630 Afghan interpreters are employed by Coalition Forces in Helmand. (MoD, 3 Jun 11.)
Comment: The MoD noted (3 Jun 11) that the fifth-year anniversary of the start of British Operations in Helmand Province had been passed. In April 2006 the Defence Secretary of the time was widely quoted as saying: “We would be perfectly happy to leave again in three years’ time without firing one shot.”. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/22, 06 Jun 11)

31 May 11. Libya: OP ELLAMY. 2,000lb (907kg) Enhanced Paveway III bombs have been delivered to Gioia del Colle Air Base. Other air-to-ground weapons available to RAF Typhoon and Tornado are Enhanced Paveway II, Paveway IV and Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone. (MoD, 31 May 11.)
Paveway II and Paveway IV were used by Typhoon and Tornado to strike 10 ammunition storage bunkers and a military vehicle near Waddan. (MoD, 1 Jun 11.)
“NATO’s OP UNIFIED PROTECTOR continues apace to protect Libyan civilians under threat of attack…” (MoD, 3 Jun 11.)
Apache helicopters, flying from HMS OCEAN, conducted their first Operational sorties over Libya during the night 3/4 Jun 11. The mission was co-ordinated with other Allied air missions, in particular French (Gazelle) helicopters from the assault ship TONNERRE. The Apache are operated by 656 Squadron, Army Air Corps (and it is understood that two of the four embarked in HMS OCEAN took part in the sortie).
The Foreign and the International Development Secretaries visited (4 Jun 11) Benghazi for discussions with the National Transitional Council about the future of Libya. (FCO, 4 Jun 11).
Comment: On 1 Jun 11, the Foreign Secretary said that he strongly welcomed the decision by the 33 NATO Allies and Partner Nations to extend Operations in Libya for a further 90 days. The 90 days run from the previous expiry date on 27 Jun 11. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 11/22, 06 Jun 11)

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