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Force Protection Europe (FPE) was established in 2009 to provide a UK-based vehicle support organisation for the world renowned Cougar vehicles (Mastiff, Ridgback and Wolfhound). Over 700 of these vehicles are in service with the UK MoD and continue to save heroes’ lives. Since its formation, FPE has developed a revolutionary light protected patrol vehicle, Ocelot. In 2010, Ocelot was awarded the contract for the UK’s Light Protected Patrol Vehicle Programme and named Foxhound by the MoD. It is the best protected vehicle for its weight and size available today. Patrol, utility load bed and weapons pods offer Ocelot flexibility and fleet coherence.


27 Apr 11. On March 27, NATO decided to take control over all military operations for Libya under United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1970 & 1973. The aim of Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR is to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under attack or threat of attack.
The mission consists of three elements: an arms embargo, a no-fly-zone and actions to protect civilians from attack or the threat of attack.
Over the past 24 hours, NATO has conducted the following activities associated with Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR:
Air Operations
Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 08.00GMT) a total of 3,981 sorties and 1,658 strike sorties* have been conducted.
Sorties conducted 26 April: 123
Strike sorties conducted 26 April: 52
*Strike sorties are intended to identify and engage appropriate targets, but do not necessarily deploy munitions each time.
Key Targets and Engagements**
26 April: In vicinity of Misurata: 6 military vehicles, 7 technical vehicles and 1 surface-to-air missile launcher. In the vicinity of Al-Khums: 4 Tanks; 2 Heavy Equipment Transporter trucks. In the vicinity of Brega: 1 rocket launchers; 3 military vehicles. In the vicinity of Mizdah: 8 ammunition bunkers.
**Key Engagements are not intended to give a complete account of all targets which were engaged.
Arms Embargo Activities
A total of 19 ships under NATO command are actively patrolling the Central Mediterranean.
22 vessels were hailed on 26 April to determine destination and cargo. 1 boarding (no diversion) were conducted.
A total of 662 vessels have been hailed, 18 boardings and 5 diversions have been conducted since the beginning of arms embargo operations.
International Humanitarian Assistance Movements as recorded by NATO
Total of Humanitarian Movements ***: 133(air, ground, maritime)
Ships delivering Humanitarian Assistance 26 April: 2 executed and 4 in execution
Aircraft delivering Humanitarian Assistance 26 April: 2
*** Some humanitarian movements cover several days.
Command and Control
NATO’s operational commander for Operation Unified Protector is Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard of the Canadian Air Force. His office and staff is located at the Joint Force Command in Naples.

21 Apr 11. A diverse political grouping that includes the Progressive Party, the Christian Democrats and the Socialist Left has united to demand that the Norwegian government conduct a detailed, updated review of the cost of the country’s Fighter Replacement Program (FRP). The request is happening against a backdrop of increasing development costs tied to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) has rejected calls for a cost review, maintaining the government is confident it will purchase the U.S. combat aircraft at a price close to its original estimates, based on figures provided by Lockheed Martin in 2008, when Norway selected the F-35 as its next-generation multirole fighter. (Source: Defense News)

25 Apr 11. KBR was notified by the UK MoD Supplier Relations Team that the recently issued MoD/KBR Performance Report for 2010 gives an overall score which exc

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