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For over 30 years, Comtech Systems has been the world leading supplier of troposcatter communications products and integrated long range high data rate communications systems for global defense and industrial markets. Comtech’s tropo modems, solid state amplifiers, four port angle diversity systems, and integrated quick link tropo systems continue to set the industry standard.
Comtech Systems integrated communications systems include troposcatter, satellite, line-of-sight microwave, VHF and UHF, and HF radios supporting data, voice and video networks for applications such as C3I systems, tactical communications, air defense, offshore oil and gas platforms and telephone networks.


09 Nov 10. Afghanistan: OP HERRICK. A senior Aircraftman from 1 Squadron, RAF Regiment died in Cyprus on 7 Nov 10 following injuries sustained in a military boating accident. UK deaths since the start of Operations on 7 Oct 01 thus rose to 343 of whom 302 were killed as a result of hostile action. (MoD, 7 Nov 10.)
“NATO and Russia have a shared interest in a secure and stable Afghanistan….there is scope for enhancing co-operation on transit arrangements, on the maintenance and supply of helicopters and on efforts to tackle the production and distribution of illegal drugs.” (Ministerial Answer (MA), 9 Nov 10.)
A new call-out order for Reservists is effective until 10 Nov 11. Some 1,280 Reservists are currently called out and serving, of whom 530 are deployed in Afghanistan. (Ministerial Statement, 10 Nov 10.)
Approximately 1,900 RAF personnel are currently deployed in Afghanistan. (MA, 10 Nov 10.)
The MoD does not record figures for insurgent or civilian casualties in Afghanistan. (MA, 10 Nov 10.)
OP ZMARAY SARAK 5 involved co-operation between branches of the Afghan Police and Soldiers in order to clear a large area to the East of Lashkar Gah. Support was provided by 2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland. (MoD, 12 Nov 10.)
Comment: During a newspaper interview (8 Nov 10) the Chief of the Defence Staff was quoted as saying: “….we can aspire jointly to 2015 as a point at which we come out of the combat role” in Afghanistan and, thereafter “we will be there for as long as it takes in the supporting role”.(Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/44, 15 Nov 10)

16 Nov 10. Although the recently presented 2011 defence budget has revealed a planned €266m ($370m) increase in spending, the total €3.45bn figure requested by the Italian defence ministry and ministry of economical development could be at risk, according to defence analysts.
The defence ministry’s request, which has yet to be approved by parliament, contains an overall 18.2% cut in its operational, maintenance and training budgets. The move will further reduce the efficiency of the Italian armed forces, and for the first time is expected to hit out-of-area operations, while personnel costs are on the rise. With a large amount of defence investment devoted to aerospace programmes, the
Italian air force is struggling to maintain its operational capabilities in the face of equipment replacement and upgrade demands, starting with the acquisition of the Lockheed Martin F-35. The service’s expeditionary capabilities are being maintained for now with fleet upgrades for the Panavia Tornado and Alenia/Embraer AMX. “The Italian air force shifted from an all conventional to a mixed short take-off and vertical
landing/conventional version fleet including up to 40 F-35Bs and 69 F-35As, in order to offer the required flexibility for out-of-area operations,” says Gen Roberto Nordio, the head of the office responsible for procurement issues. (Source: Flight International)

18 Nov 10. As post-recession challenges bite, business leaders and managers are evaluating their optimum approach to customers, suppliers and partners. Cons

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