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11 May 10. The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) was exhibiting details of its expanded training facility at SOFEX. KASOTC is located in Amman, Jordan and is a one-of-a-kind facility. Its unique nature derives from an extraordinary combination of cutting-edge training, elite instructor and support staff, and integrated advanced technology. The facility encompasses an elaborate urban area containing 56 live-fire and simulated-fire training structures – all outfitted with the latest instrumentation and simulated technologies, plus a fully-integrated Airbus, flat-ranges, a breaching complex, driving track and a 5-story CQB live-fire shoot house.Tying it all together is a fiber optic network and centralized Range Operations Control (ROC). KASOTC is fully-quipped, staffed, and offers an ideal venue for special operations pre-deployment training, joint exercises, and other training initiatives. KASOTC is the world’s first and largest special forces counterterrorism training facility of its kind. Ideal for a variety of counterterrorism and internal security mission training scenarios, KASOTC has over 350 recordable video cameras (IR-Thermal), a fiber-optic network, multi-purpose ranges, an Airbus 300, and over 50 live-fire and simulated-fire training structures. The site enables multilateral partnerships leveraging participating nations’ experience, expertise, and resources. Users of KASOTC have access to the world’s finest special forces instructors, programs of instruction, facilities, and technology.
Current training courses at KASOTC include:
* Counter-Terrorism Operations
* Advanced Urban Combat
* Linear Assault
* Maritime CT
* Anti-Piracy
* Advanced Combat Marksmanship
* Sniper Operations
* Combat Life Saver
* VIP Protection
* High-Desert Mountain Operations
* Tactical Breaching
* Peacekeeping Operations

11 May 10. General Dynamics UK demonstrated its Dismounted Soldier System at SOFEX. General Dynamics UK offers a number of scalable, modular Dismounted Soldier System solutions focussed on providing the optimum balance of capability, size, weight and power on the soldier for various user roles. Variants include a Rifleman capability, a Recee or Commander capability and a Specialist User capability. The Specialist User capability will be the system demonstrated at SOFEX. The General Dynamics UK’s Dismounted Soldier System kit integrates the General Dynamics Commander’s Data Terminal, the Portable Display Unit and one or more man-worn data radios. Perfect for operations in high temperatures, the Commander’s Data Terminal is manufactured from a lightweight alloy and is designed to allow conduction cooling so that no fans are required. Key to General Dynamics UK’s Dismounted Soldier System is the Portable Display Unit, the human interface to the system that is provided via a modern, ergonomically designed C2 application, whose functionality is scalable from the soldier right up to headquarters. This unit provides a single user interface, enabling all activities to be conducted using a touch screen. The Portable Display Unit comprises a 4.3” colour touch screen with anti-scratch and anti-glare finish, which is lightweight and designed to be mounted on the wrist or strapped to the user’s webbing according to individual preference. It is connected to the processor via an umbilical cable which allows the display to be powered from the processor rather than from secondary batteries which would add weight. The unit combines touch screen navigation, high-sensitivity GPS and a memory card slot in an ultra-light, compact package. It is designed to survive the bumps, temperature extremes, dust, dirt and water common to Special Forces use. Membrane-type buttons are provided to control the display. Additional hard buttons are provided to control software applications. At the heart of this General Dynamics UK’s Dismounted Soldier System is General Dynamics’ Battle Management System, which provides

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