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16 Jun 08. Nexter Systems showed two new systems at Eurosatory:
ARAVIS®, the most protected multi-mission vehicle of its category. Protection is one of the major asset of this new 12 tonne class 4 X 4, an essential requirement of the armed forces, highlighted by the experience acquired in Iraq and in Afghanistan. ARAVIS®’s protection level outclasses that of all existing 4×4 vehicles, with the following combined protection levels : level 4 ballistic protection (defeats 14,5 mm threats), level 4 mine protection (defeats 10kg mines under the belly and wheels), level 4 artillery splinters protection (defeats 155mm artillery threats) and IED protection. With its easily sustainable Unimog châssis, ARAVIS® offers as well a very high tactical mobility on road and in cross-country. It is transportable by air in C130, A400M and C17. This vehicle offers a large internal volume of 9.5 m3 and can carry 2 permanent crew plus up to 6 infantry men with their equipment. ARAVIS®, can be fitted with remote controlled weapon station. This vehicle is ideal to achieve piece keeping and law enforcement operation, especially in urban aera.
ARX®20, land remote controlled weapon station. Greater range and greater effect together with a crew operating under protection are the key assets of ARX®20. ARX®20 benefits from Nexter systems experience acquired in the airborne and naval domains with the lightweight helicopter turrets and the NARWHAL® remote controlled naval turret. ARX®20 offers a genuine alternative to 12,7 mountings and to 25 or 30 mm turrets. Its compactness and light weight allow the ARX®20 to be fitted on lightweight 4×4 without reduction of the carrying capacity of the vehicle. This two new products have been developed on PV money by Nexter Systems, for which the key word remains innovation and sustained R&D investment (17% of the turnover in 2007).

Jun 08. Allen Vanguard Showcased Expanded Range of Products at Eurosatory
Stand no: O065A in the UK Pavillion. For the first time since the acquisition of Med-Eng, delegates attending the International Defence Exhibition, Eurosatory, will be able to see the expanded range of Allen Vanguard’s key products.
One of the main focuses at the exhibition will be the Med-Eng EOD9 suit and helmet ensemble, the new TM600 Telescopic Manipulator EOD tool, the new Dual Tank Trike, Blast Attenuation Seats, personal and equipment cooling systems, and Allen Vanguard’s latest electronic counter measure systems. The Med-Eng EOD9 suit and helmet ensemble offers superior protection from the four main blast threats: overpressure, fragmentation, impact and heat. It can also be rapidly configured by the user to respond to IEDD situations where a chemical or biological agent is suspected. The TM600 is the latest generation of remote manipulator providing technicians with the ability to maximise their stand-off distance when working in close proximity to a suspect package. The new Dual Tank Trike is a self-contained unit for emergency decontamination of larger surface areas on hardware or buildings. It is rugged, portable and simple to operate by a single person, and has a decontamination capability of 113 square metres per dose of SDF™. The Blast Attenuation Seats have been developed as a series of highly effective military vehicle seats to protect drivers and their occupants from landmines and roadside bombs. As well as these new products, Allen Vanguard will also be showcasing its signature ROVs: the Digital Vanguard™ and BombTec™ Defender. Delegates will be able to experience first hand the ROV’s combined touch screen and hard controls that enable simultaneous manipulation of all features, including lights and cameras.

Jun 08. MD Technologies highlighted the latest developments in its leading edge microwave technology at the international Eurosatory defence exhibition in June 2008. TMD is already supporting major defence programmes in the USA and the Pacific Rim and wi

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