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———————————————————————–27 Feb 12. Raytheon Company’s U.S. Air Force satellite terminal system that provides protected communications to warfighters has received a successful Milestone C decision and subsequent production award.
The Minuteman Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network Program Upgrade (MMPU) is Raytheon’s first Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) terminal for the Air Force to enter into the production phase. In another achievement, it became the company’s third AEHF terminal to interoperate with the on-orbit AEHF satellite, joining the U.S. Army’s Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Transportable Terminal (SMART-T) and the U.S. Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT). The first AEHF satellite, launched in August 2010, recently began an extensive set of operational tests. In this testing, MMPU, SMART-T and NMT demonstrated interoperable communications using the AEHF satellite’s eXtended Data Rate (XDR) waveform, moving data more than five times faster than previous EHF systems. MMPU adds essential nuclear command and control capabilities to the Raytheon AEHF terminal product line established by SMART-T and NMT.

01 Mar 12. Vigilant Components takes the risk out of component sourcing. With counterfeit components on the rise, it pays to look beyond simply sourcing components if you want to safeguard your production schedule. The UK Electronics Alliance estimates that counterfeit electronic components entering the UK market could be costing the industry £1bn a year. For OEMs & EMS companies, the risk of these counterfeit components appearing in their supply chains can leave them wide open to system failure. That’s one of the reasons Vigilant was established: Vigilant Components, the new independent electronics distributor launched by the £30m Paragon Electronics Group, has been established to extend the remit of traditional sourcing to cover full component testing, counterfeit detection and verification to provide ‘Total Supply Chain Integrity.” By partnering with such a high integrity component distributor, customers can avoid the pitfalls of the grey market – where it’s never easy to check the provenance of the part.
Graham Smith, MD of Paragon’s Electronics Division says, “We have systems, procedures, equipment and people to take the risk out of sourcing electronic components for our customers. They benefit from our sophisticated in-house Component Test Laboratory which is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including specialist X-ray, electrical test systems, microscopes and chemical marking analysis. Not only do we verify the provenance of electronic components we source in-house, we also provide a full test, verification and counterfeit detection service option for components purchased independently by our customers.”
Graham concludes; “Vigilant’s team is one of the most experienced, well equipped and highly trained in the industry and their remit goes beyond the traditional one of simply sourcing and shipping. Our comprehensive anti-counterfeit component inspection services enable us to verify the provenance of electronic components and by teaming with Paragon’s kitting, VMI and logistics expertise, we can deliver them to our customers exactly when, where and how they need them.”

28 Feb 12. Lantronix, Inc. announced the launch of its new PremierWave-XN™, the next generation device server in the award-winning PremierWave family. PremierWave-XN is sampling now and available for pre-ordering now at www.Lantronix.com. The product will begin volume shipping in late March 2012. PremierWave-XN, roughly the size of a standard deck of playing cards, is an 802.11n dual-band, multi-port serial device server, offering both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity – enabling remote access and easy management of devices or equipment over the network and across the internet. Equipped with the market-leading “

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